Floral on Floral + Mermaid Hair

Halllooo there! How was your weekend? My Friday and Saturday was pretty hectic, attended Fete dela Musique with Pax, and our other friend Eden (chic in the tropics blog) who's here from Cebu to cover Miss World 2012. We happened upon Kookie (death by platforms blog) who happened to be partying at Time along Makati Ave. as well so that was pretty cool and unexpected. This all happened after my Kashieca X JC Buendia event which I blogged about HERE and dinner with Ana and Krissy at CPK, Greenbelt. A full day indeed.

So anyway, this is what I wore to the Kasheica event, later changed into denim shorts and boots for Fete.

outfit: top from Glamour Studio, shorts from Meg, Mikka Padua clutch, shoes from CMG, new hair by Miss Irma of L'oreal Academy

Thanks Tin for patiently taking my photos after the Kashieca event. And upon writing this entry, I just realized that this is the first clear debut of my "new hair" on the blog. What do you think? I got tired of the bleached blonde look and my hair has been suffering so much from all the abuse so I decided to go brunette again but with some blue/green highlights, which are sad to say, already beginning to fade. Still thinking of what to do next. I'm planning to grow my hair again since I originally wanted to have it digi-permed before it got botched up and I decided to bleach it but I don't know what to do between now and then, I'll just probably leave it alone. 

On to other news, my baby shih tzu, Chewy is having her first heat and is PMS-ing real bad. I've had other dogs before but I never experienced this kind of thing with them before, It seems like she is really uncomfortable, whining, panting and keeping to herself and doesn't really wanna be touched. It's a little disconcerting and heartbreaking. Has anyone out there experienced the same thing with their dogs?


Mary Ann said…
so pretty pretty! =D Loving the riot of colors!
vanessa east said…
saraahhh i love your top and so jealos of your hair! so bagayyy i wish i could that off haha i love everything yo were here :)


Issa said…
i love the hair! bagay na bagay sayo Miss Sarah! and your clutch is gorgeous! :)
Gellie Abogado said…
omg! i love your hair so much, sarah! :)
Roma is Love said…
Your rocker chic hair, I think, is now your trademark! You stand out kaya with your hair!!! :) I likey! For me, you can stick with it and play with different highlights when you're getting bored na with the current color! :) Hopefully, the next highlights will not fade as fast :(

Hope Chewy is okay na.. :'(
Rockster1039 said…
The bottoms are so psychedelic I could hardly tell they were floral- love it!