JC Buendia for Kashieca

Kashieca's latest designer collaboration is with JC Buendia.

JC Buendia is probably best known for dressing President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and President Noynoy as well as a number of different local celebrities. He is also a known advocate for  promoting indigineous fabrics and techniques such as Pina, beadwork and "burda" through his beautiful runway creations.

A handful of bloggers were invited to Kashieca's Greenbelt 5 branch for a chance to meet JC Buendia and shop his creations.

Despite his numerous accomplishments in the world of fashion, Mr. JC Buendia has managed to keep his feet on the ground. During our brief meeting,  I was really taken by how genuinely sweet, sincere and humble he seemed to be.

As I took a stroll around the store to view his collection, I couldn't help but be reminded of the "Factory Girl" era. A lot of the pieces featured in this designer collaboration have a vintage 60's feel worthy of Twiggy, from great-fitting hot pants (as photographed below) to loose fitting, semi crop tops featuring keyhole designs, this designer collaboration succesfully brings the cool "mod style" of the past back into the mainstream.

Probably one of my favorites from the entire collection is this LBD featuring a classic "shift-dress" cut with front and back sheer panels accented by sequins. A truly flattering, understated piece that is a must-have in every woman's closet.

This frog prince logo which JC Buendia chose to accentuate his line of multi-colored basic tees is also too cute to resist.

And here are some of his other dressier creations for the brand collab taken from the catalog which contauins numerous, versatile pieces that you can dress down for the office and later transform + accesorize for a night on the town.

So what did I take home with me from the collection? After much deliberation, I finally decided on two pairs of hot pants in black and beige. Their fit was just so fantastic that I had to get them in multiple colors. 

During check out, I also spotted this "handgun necklace" below the counter and couln't resist not taking it home with me either.

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ROXY said…
Love your outfit Ms. Sarah :) and loving that beige pants you got there :))

So nice to see you there, Sarah!! :) Love your picks! ♥

Arnie Villanueva
Raffi Alcantara said…
totally love the shorts!!! :)

xoxo Raffi

www.raffialcantara.blogspot.com :)
Issa said…
love your haul! :)