Joe Jonas For Bench

Since this is about JOE JONAS, I'm pretty sure you guys will appreciate more photos than words :P

Known best as the lead vocalist of pop-rock phenom the Jonas Brothers, Joe shed his teen heartthrob image and transformed into a mature solo artist late last year with the debut of his album "Fastlife." The album was inspired by Joe's increasing interest in club culture, coming of age, pursuing new things, and learning to take risks. 

I am a bit too old for Joe but my daughter adores him and it is a major big deal that BENCH was able to snag him as an endorser. After all, JOE JONAS is a big star no matter which part of the globe you go to.

 And I have to admit, he is kinda cute! (haha Demi Moore moments, I sense a cougar :P)

Fans going ga-ga... I totally understand why.

Joe J really likes BENCH, it's not just pa-showbiz :P

Since it's Joe J, I definitely didn't pass up the chance to see him in the flesh at an event sponsored by Bench at the Shangri-la Hotel in Makati:

He sang for us, wooed us and totally charmed his way into our hearts :)

with Ben Chan:

Famous for its global quality and stylish clothing Bench has been aligning itself with local and international artists who not only excel in their fields of expertise but are style ambassadors as well. In celebration of its 25th year, Bench's Ageless 25th anniversary campaign aims to transcend and dissolve all limits, borders, stereotypes and conventions, by collaborating with multi-talented artists from all around the world. 

There's been some sort of "endorsement war" going on with most of our country's biggest local brands. There seems to be a race to snag the hottest endorser from Hollywood but truth be told, I love Bench. I have loved Bench since the 80's and it is honestly the first local brand that I took to. Bench managed to surpass the "local=baduy" strereotype of the matrerialistic 80's decade and I believe, paved the way for other local brands to emerge. That in itself, I believe is their biggest feat. So to a true pioneer in the industry, cheers Bench to 25 glorious years! Keep the cuites coming cause although I love you nonetheless, I don't mind the additional eye candy here and there. :P

Watch out for the release of Joe's campaign for Bench. For more updates don't forget to like Bench's official Facebook page ( follow @benchtm ( There's via Twitter.