Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Eye Review

 Thousands of reviews have probably already been published about Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate and Kiehl's midnight recovery eye both online and on print but since opinion is relative, I'm going to give it a go myself.

I was given these 2 products a couple of weeks ago during a fun midnight snack session held in Cafe Juanita and hosted by Kiehl's Philippines.

The event was intimate and teeming with delicious food.

I have been using these 2 products for about 2-3 weeks already and here's what I think.

First, let's discuss the old favorite, Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This product created a lot of buzz since it was first launched in 2010. Many celebrities swear by it and for good reason. It is truly wonderful.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate promises to:

  1. restore skin's natural appearance by morning
  2. improve the appearance of facial countours by morning
  3. nurtures and replenishes skin
  4. makes skin feel more hydrated
  5. makes skin feel softer
  6. skin appears less tired and well rested

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate is also 99% naturally derived and paraben free.

Let's get down to the specifics.


Like most products, Kiehl's midinight recovery concentrate comes in a pretty standard cardboard box. Nothing fancy about that, but once you open up the box, you'll find this old fashioned midnight blue glass bottle that comes with a glass dropper cap. I love it, probably my most favorite packaging idea ever. The antique style bottle has the feel of old apothecaries and in my opinion, is pretty enough to be kept out on display. The old style packaging also lends the product an air of luxury plus it is 100% recyclable! Plus points on that.

The Product:

A lot of people refer to this as a serum but it really is a lightweight oil. A little goes a long way. The directions on the back say 2-3 drops, follow these to a tee. Trust me, applying more than 3 drops to your face and neck will result in a VERY oily face.

The Smell:

I would buy this based on its scent alone. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery concentrate contains squalene, evening primrose, coriander, rose hip seed oil and lavender. The combination makes a wonderful smell and creates a calm feeling perfect for a nightly skin ritual. The lavender scent makes it feel almost like you have a "spa on your face" (if you get what I mean)

Does it work?

Yes, yes and yes. I noticed it immediately. No kidding. Upon first application, my face seemed instantly brighter and more fresh looking and it just keeps getting better with time. I suffer from really dry skin, the type that often cracks around the creases. Kiehl's says that you can use this midnight concentrate on its own or with your usual night moisturizer, I ran out of night moisturizer hakfway through my testing period so I tried to use this product as a stand alone. It works, it made my night moisturizer seem useless. Since I starte using this, my skin no longer cracks.This product truly delivers.

notable mention: I read somewhere that this even works on burns better than any burn ointment.


Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate retails at P2880 for a 30ml bottle. Some people might find this expensive but considering the amount of product you need, one bottle will go a long, long way plus the quality is exceptional.

Will I Repurchase?

Yes, definitely and I highly recommend you invest in a bottle too. I truly believe that this is one of the best skincare products out there and I find it pretty affordable considering its quality and reputation.

Next up is Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye.

"One night. Two Drops. Younger looking eyes by morning."

Key Ingredients: Butcher's Broom Extract, Squalene, Evening Primrose Oil, Natural Essential Oils

Kiehl's midnight recovery eye is also Paraben Free, Mineral Oil Free but unlike the recovery concentrate, this recovery eye is unscented.


Also comes in a box but unlike the impressive glass bottle of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, the Midnight Recovery Eye comes in a standard issue plastic tube, which I have no problem with. I think the design is functional, hygeinic and makes it easy to apply the product. There's just no "wow factor" to it.

Does It Work?

It does though you have to be a little more patient with this than the Midnight Recovery Concetrate or maybe I just didn't notice it as much since I apply it to a much smaller area as compared to my whole face. However, I have to admit that after a few days of using it every day, I did notice that my eyes are less puffy and fine lines aren't as deep aymore. I notice this most especially when I apply eyeliner.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye retails at P2250 for a 15ml tube and just like the midnight concentrate you only need 2 drops of it every night.

Interested? Kiehl's now has an ongoing promo:

Did you find this review useful? Again I repeat, this is my own personal opinion. Your best option is to visit a Kiehl's counter and try it out for yourself.

Kiehl's is available at SM MOA, Greenbelt 5, Trinoma and Alabang Town Center.


Unknown said…
oh i love kiehls and im currently obsessed with eye products. must try this soon!
Lora Esguerra said…
Are these good for minimizing eyebags too? thanks Sarah.
Unknown said…
hi lora, yes, it minimises puffiness and fine lines around the eyes :)
lora: dencio dimsum is my hubbys account, forgot to sign out :P