L-Time Studio Fashion Series: David Guison for ODM

L Time Studio and ODM recently launched their latest brand ambassador and he is none other than fellow blogger and much sought after male endorser, David Guison, whom I also happen to think is the perfect choice for a brand such as ODM.

David is perfect for ODM's youthful, trendy and fun image by being one of the most influential male bloggers in the metro. He is an inspiration for a lot of people while maintaining a positive image for the younger set.

The launch was held in Capriccioso, Greenbelt and bloggers from all different "categories" flocked together to pick up some practical styling tips from David.

David did some on the spot styling while incorporating different ODM watches with every outfit.

Delicious Italian food from Capricciosa was also in abundance during the event and we got to enjoy it while listening to David speak about how to style the watches from ODM.

After David's stint on the floor, ODM announced a raffle wherein several of the guests were asked to style a co-blogger of the opposite sex. Me, Paul and Shen were chosen.

My partner was Kelly, and Paul chose Pax as his stylist.
We were asked to utilize David's clothes for the challenge and pair them with our choice of ODM watches.

Pax and Paul won the challenge and were awarded ODM watches.

Prior to the event, we were all asked to wear ODM inpsired outfits. Needless to say we were a bright looking bunch and I guess it was inevitable that some of us would choose the same colors for our outfits. This resulted in a lot of "matching pairs", like Paul and Arnie's purple ensemble:

And mine and Kelly's which matched perfectly down to our choice of footwear colors:

It was another fun and laidback event thanks to the people behind L Time Studio and ODM.

For more info and updates, visit http://ltimestudio.com/odm-pilipinas.html.


HAHA! Super kaaliw yung sa inyo ni Kelly, pati sa shoes! Fun event, indeed! Great to see you there, Sarah ♥