Laura Mercier Tone Perfecting Eye Gel Creme Review

I've heard somewhere that eyebags and dark circles are somewhat hereditary. That, if someone from your family suffers from it, then it is more likely that you will too when you reach a certain age.That case is true with my family. My Mamita had her eyebags surgically removed before my parents wedding. Although hers weren't so dark, they were definitely puffy.

I have been suffering from eyebags eversince I was a teenager. I blame it on late nights and heavy partying. Having "the bad gene" in my family only agravated the problem + skincare wasn't really spoken about so much during my teenage-early 20's. Only "old people" used to fuss with creams and shit. Big mistake. My skin has suffered so much from sun exposure because of my earlier ignorance and I have been trying my best to make ammends for this earlier lack of protection once I hit my mid-twenties. The best advice I can give: "Prevention is still the best cure." Start your skin care routine and stick with it the moment you hit 20.

But in case you didn't, my second best advice: Invest in high quality skincare products. You definitely get what you pay for...most of the time. So before you break out that plastic, thank god for the internet, check on reviews like this one first! :P

Ok, let's get on with it, shall we?

I was given a pot of Laura Mercier's Tone Perfecting Eye Gel Creme last March. It comes in a plastic pot which is encased in Laura's signature metallic silver-ish cardboard box. Each pot contains 15gms worth of product. Pot is about 2"x2" in size. Again, huray for plastic pots because I'm clumsy and I tend to drop things often. However, since it's in a pot, you need to use a cotton bud to get product to prevent bacteria infestation. This is the sole reason why I would've preferred if it was in a tube instead. But again, not really a big deal and I'm sure you wouldn't mind either by the end of this review. Plus I gotta admit, the pot looks classier than a tube :P ....on second thought, I think it would be awesome if they made this in smaller amount handy tubes that you can carry around with you anytime. Why? Read on.

Laura Mercier Tone Perfecting Eye Gel Creme

I have tried MANY eye creams in the past and I continued using them just for the sake of having an eye cream included in my regimen. Even after months and months of usage, I still wasn't positive wether they were working or not. I was just too scared to forego them even for a month so I just kept slathering the product on.

With Laura Mercier's Eye Gel Creme the effects are imediately noticeable. After a few seconds of applying the product, you will notice that your eye area looks instantly brighter and you appear fresher and more awake. Late nights? Gone! Completely erased. Hangover? What hangover? I kid you not, this product works great.

Laura Mercier Tone Perfecting Eye Gel Creme

What makes it so amazing? 

Laura Mercier had this formulated by her doctor for her own personal use. So you see, right from the start, quality was a priority and not mass production or profit. Like many of Laura Mercier's commercially available products, most of them were initially formulated for her own specific use or that of her personal clientele and only made public once ideal results were acheived.

Another ideal characteristic of this eye product is that it is in a gel form so it doesn't feel greasy or heavy when applied. It won't make you look like a boxer swathed in petroleum jelly before a fight either. It is water-based, therefore meaning that it is made out of smaller molecules --- meaning that it has the ability to penetrate better. Your skin will love this and totally absorb everything til the last drop. Plus it has a cooling effect as well which always gets plus points especially when you live in a tropical country like I do. Oh, and its also fragrance-free making it safe to use even for those with highly sensitive skin.

What exactly does it do and how do you apply it?

Laura Mercier's Tone Perfecting Eye Gel Cream is designed to brighten and perfect the eye area. It reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness (GUARANTEED). Just apply it like any other eye cream twice a day. Some people prefer to just apply it on their undereyes for day and entire eye area at night. I apply it all over. Twice a day. You can even apply it over make up any time of day. Since it's in a gel form, it doesn't cake. It just gives you the right amount of lift anytime you need it.

It is a lightweight gel that spreads easily so a little goes a looooong way:

Laura Mercier Tone Perfecting Eye Gel Creme

I also apply the leftovers from the cotton bud on my forehead and laugh lines since I find that this product also works really well on filling in fine lines. It's almost like "botox in a pot".

Laura Mercier Tone Perfecting Eye Gel Creme

You can purchase Laura Mercier's Tone Perfecting Eye Gel Creme in all Rustan's Department Stores and Laura Mercier Boutiques nationwide for P2,950.00

So, the big question....will I buy this again? Yes, most definitely. In fact, I already have a standby pot on reserve. Some of you may find this pricey but considering the amount of product and the quality you get, I think this is VERY REASONABLE. I haven't even gone halfway through my pot and I've had it for about 3 months already. IT REALLY WORKS. Even men should try it. Yes.. you guys suffer from the worst case of eyebags I've ever seen and there's no harm in being a little metro to please the ladies. ;)

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