Leopard Denim Jeans

There are days...well truth be told, many, many days when I don't feel like dressing up. There is nothing that I enjoy better than lounging around the house in boxer shorts and an old t-shirt however on days when tattered clothing and rags are simply not an option, I have to force myself to at least try and look decent.

That was the case with this day. I was feeling particularly lazy but I wasn't about to miss Yabu's Most Influential Dinner  so I dragged my lazy ass to the bathroom to take a shower...and then my mind drew a blank as I stared into my closet...until I spotted this pair of printed leopard denim skinnies. That's the great thing about printed pants. You need minimal effort to create an outfit that still stands out despite it's obvious simplicity. This outfit will look totally different if I wore it with plain jeans instead. Since my pants were already making a bold statement, I was able to get away with keeping the rest simple and just polishing off the look with my favorite sandals from Zara and silver accessories.

On a different note, I finally colored my hair again today! Can you guess what color? :)


D said…
Ooohhhh i love it. It's subtle lang noh? Cute!
Despina T. said…
great pattern!
love your shoes too.
Mikelle Jade said…
mmmm those jeans are delicious. I can't wait to wear jeans again. I'll definitely be looking for leopard print!
Halie said…
Great jeans.
Emanuel I. said…
Truly like the shoes.
Carol said…
great pattern!
Love your pants:)