Mario Badescu Facial Spray Review

How to keep your eye make-up on in hot and humid weather is no longer rocket science with Mario Badescu's Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater. If you suffer from an oily face or oily eyelids and have trouble keeping your eyeshadow or eyeliner on without smudging, you might want to read this article til the end.

Mario Badescu first opened his salon in New York in 1967 bringing in his vast knowledge of Old World skincare techniques with him. It was such a hit that his patrons started requesting for him to make his products available to them in their own homes...and the rest is history. Mario Badescu caters to hundreds of Hollywood celebrities, to name all will take me all week so here are some of the most notable  Hollywood A-list actresses who swear by Mario Badescu and his line of skin care products: Naomi Campbell, Ashley Judd, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler and Jennifer Aniston.

Okay, now you have a brief history of the brand, let's get on with my review....

I could pretty much sum it up with a few words...I LOVE IT, IT WORKS, GO BUY IT.

But for the more inquisitive types, let's go in depth...

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater


Mario Badescu's Facial Spray comes in a 118ml plastic spray bottle with a sticker label. Nothing special about it, probably as ordinary as they come. What I like about it being in a plastic bottle is that I don't have to worry about the clumsy me dropping it. Spray is fine works like any other spray, a fine mist spray would've been a whole lot better in my opinion.

Anyway, who really gives a f about packaging?

Let's get on with the Product Review:

Unlike Evian and most other facial mists/sprays, Mario Badescu's Facial Spray also sets your make-up...and like a charm I may add.

I don't really have oily skin but with the addtion of facial moisturizer and humid weather, my eyelids can get kinda greasy. I like putting on thick eyeliner, I often use Stila cake eyeliner, Maybelline eyeliner pen and Nars eyeliner. These brands have a reputation for being smudge free but probably due to the intense heat and humid weather, they still smudge and I'm left with dark circles and "eyeliner balls" :P (muta from eyeliner) inside the corners of my eyes. Yuck and embarassing.

I started using Mario Badescu to set my make up a few weeks ago and I've never had that same problem again no matter where I go or how hot it gets. Even my eyeshadow stays on all day til night with no need to retouch. I just spray it on my face immediately after putting on my make up and leave it to air dry while dressing up. 

It also smells great, a big plus for anything you have to apply directly on your face. 

Mario Badescu's Facial Spray is great for people who work in airconditioned rooms all day. It instantly rehydrates with just one spray, also great for Flight Attendants. My skin gets so dehydrated even after just short airplane trips.


no cons for me on this one, sorry, I think it is one amazing product, something you can't live without once you've already tried it.

In A Nutshell:

  • helps keep make up on all day -check!
  • smells good - check!
  • rejuventaing - check!
  • an overall amazing product for people on the go
And wait, I saved the best for last! This product is very affordable and worth every penny! You can buy Mario Badescu's Facial Spray for only P445 in all Rustan's Department Stores.  So affordable right??? I know, I was surprised myself was expecting it to be in the P1000+bracket. All the more reason for you to drop by Rustan's and grab yourself a bottle of this wonder spray!


Baya Casar-Sy said…
wow! this a must try for me! plus its affordable! I have been looking for a good product to minimize the oiliness of my face. Thanks!
Unknown said…
:) thanks so much for this review :) super helpful . I really appreciate the fact that you indicated where to get the mario badescu and how much it cost :) Now I have my own bottle of this too and I'm super loving it
you're welcome alexis! glad you like it too! :)