Mario Batali's Ligurian Pasta Recipe - Trenette with Pesto, Beans and Potatoes

This vegan pasta recipe used to be a huge favorite of mine when I was still a vegetarian. I haven't made this in awhile cause my family (N and D) are major carnivores. I've been trying to change that lately by taking over the kitchen once again. (D used to do the cooking --- which consisted of excellent and delicious cholesterol filled food, which I loved but have been getting constant headaches from lately :P)

This dish is great for people who want to eat healthy but are too lazy to slave away in the kitchen.


  1. Potatoes, about 3 pieces cut into cubes.
  2. 1 small pack Green beans, trimmed
  3. 1 bottle Pesto
  4. Substitute 3/4 500gm Linguine pack for Trenette
  5. Salt

gourmet pesto, green beans and potatoes


  1. Boil a big pasta pot with salt water.
  2. Drop in potatoes, let cook. Set aside.
  3. Blanch green beans (about 4 minutes), remove and place in cold bath
  4. Cook linguine in same pot.
  5. Remove noodles, throw out water.
  6. Bring pot back to the flame, let dry.
  7. Dump in entire Pesto jar contents, heat for a few seconds, turn off flame.
  8. Put the cooked linguine, potatoes and green beans back in the pot with the pesto and toss.
  9. Serve with Parmesan on top if you like, (I don't, I like it plain withouth cheese). 

Will feed about 5-6 hungry people.

vegan pasta

You can view Mario Batali's original recipe HERE

Give this a try. It's delicious, even Dennis appreciated it...which is quite rare for him especially when it's an all-veggie dish.


A N A G O N said…
patikim naman! :) sarap mag luto namimiss ko ;) Hehehe! :D
bookmark na toh!:) definitely trying!
Hazel said…
Wow! more recipes please!! :)