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Being a toddler raised in the early eighties, there was no such thing as follow-on milk, or none that I've heard of at least. I was breastfed til 2 (yes, 2 years old, kudos to my mom) so when it was time for me to have my Nikola, I took to breastfeeding as well. After which I was puzzled with the assortment of follow-on milks available in the grocery.

For me, milk is milk. During our time, it was just the basic, Nido, Anchor, Birch Tree, Klim, Magnolia and Sustagen which were simply labeled as milk...which we all drank and I think we all turned out just fine anyway. I'm not an OC type of mom. As long as my daughter drinks her milk, I'm fine with that but of course, I also want to choose the milk that's best for her.

Follow-on milk formulas boast of having add-ons that will help your child grow to their full potential. So why not give it a try, right? On second thought, maybe this is precisely the reason why the average kids today are taller and seem a lot smarter than I was at their age. They just seem a lot more advanced and I'm thinking that this may be due to better nutrition.

So back to milk. Milk, no matter how expensive it is, or how good they say it is won't matter if your kid won't drink it. Yes, you can probably talk your kid into drinking the entire glass but you have to endure bouts of gagging, tears and no kidding, it might take up to an hour for her to finish the glass. That is traumatizing. I love milk and I want Nikola to enjoy it too so above anything else, I just want to find a particular brand that she will look forward to drinking.

Luckily for me, she LOVES Lactum, specifically, the chocolate flavor. She tells me it reminds her of the taste of Barbie chocolates which has long been a favorite of hers. Any mom would be elated when their kid makes the first move to request for a glass of milk and that is exactly the case with this particular brand. So I'm happy and relieved that she took to a brand which is affordable, reasonable and trusted. Another added plus is that her appetite considerately improved after only a few days of drinking Lactum. Less worry for mom. :)

So all in all, yes, I very much recommend Lactum, but only if your kid enjoys it. Good thing they've come out with "trial sulit packs" so you don't waste a whole lot of money in case your kid doesn't take too well to it :)

Hope this review was helpful to you. I know a lot of parents struggling with their kids appetites, I know how stressful it can be so I sincerely hope this review alleviates a little of the worry or more importantly and hopefully, solves the "picky-eater" problem.

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iammabelle said…
And I was told (by my bb's peadia) that yes, formula milks, irregardless of the brand, are almost the same - cow's milk. Expensive ones are expensive not because they have better nutritional value, but because they maintain expensive ads, hehe. "Promil Kid" and the likes... hmmm, just commercial brainwash.

But kudos to you for breastfeeding!