Paris, Tokyo, Here I Come!!!

More photos than usual...sorry, I just really love the way these photos from Kaye turned out.

These are actually outtakes from a quick shoot we had last week for a street-fashion/street style lookbook that's going to be released in Tokyo and Paris soon. Howmaygawd right? When I first got the email from Tin, I was so intimidated that the thought of backing out even crossed my mind for a bit. I mean, Paris, Tokyo? Who wouldn't be intimidated? These are the fashion gods that I look up to and the thought of having their eyes graze my photos just floored me. But when the practical-logical side of my brain took over, I realized that this was a great opportunity for me. Balls on the table, bite the bullet, I had to at least give it a try and now that it's over. I'm so glad I did. Still, I am mortified at the thought of possibly thousands of people looking at me, I hope it looks alright when it finally comes out. (cross fingers)

outfit: white blazer from Love21, galaxy top and collar from Jhajing, topshop leather pants, pendleton hat from nava, zara sandals


Unknown said…
I love your blazer and goodluck! You are so lucky! Please keep us updated!
wonderful look. i'm in love.
can i have your shoes? ;)
maren anita

Gellie Abogado said…
Congrats Sarah! And you look amazing! :)
Gela said…
i'm so in love w/ your white blazer, Sarah!!!

boat ride through the sky
Hazel said…
zomg!! goodluck goodluck!!! :) I'm sure it will turn out great :)
Issa said…
you look perfect! congrats Miss Sarah! :)
Wonder Woman said…
Eeeee! Exciting! You look great, Sarah! :)
Wonder Woman said…
Eeeee! Exciting! You look great, Sarah! :)
Super beautiful, Sarah!!! :) Love the details in this outfit ♥

Arnie Villanueva
krissy ♥ said…
I'm SURE the photos will turn out great! Love your outfit, super bagay! :)
thestyleflux said…
Yayy! so glad you like the photos I took :)

Kaye Awatin
Twitter: @thestyleflux
Unknown said…
Love the white blazer! :)
Anonymous said…
Looking good, as usual.. Bryan
MJC said…
Wow! Really cool! Ü
MJC said…
Wow! So cool! Ü

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