Pastel Hair Color/Funky Streaks - Which Shade To Get?

Remember her? Loved this movie!

Anyway, I'm getting my hair color changed next week (hopefully, if all goes to plan) and I can't decide which shade/shades to get.

Initially, I was planning on going full-on lavender but after researching for photos, I'm left baffled and all the more confused! I need your help!

Should I keep it blonde with multi-colored streaks or full on pastel, which shade? 

Or should I go back to being a brunette like Eva Chen with funky colored peek-a-boo hair from behind:

or a brunette with wide colored streaks?

So many options nowadays, cool, liberating but also very confusing. Wish you could help me out, we have a week to make up our minds! :) Thank you in advance!


Raffi Alcantara said…
I think you pick the most outrageous hair color ever! I'm planning to color my hair as well! Like Rhianna's red head. But I also want to dip dye it. :)

xoxo Raffi :)
Unknown said…
I love the blonde ombre style, only if would work for me... hehehe... i always think that blonde wouldnt suit me...

If you are not into blonde (anymore), try a cute pink pastel ombre... gyah! i wish i am as adventurous as you are when it comes to hair color!!! ^__^
krissy ♥ said…
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ♥♥♥ My favorite movie of all time ♥♥♥ You're getting rid of your blond hair na and I still haven't dyed my hair purple XD I think I like dark green on you :)
Mica said…
Pink ala-Sophie of ANTM!! :)
Anonymous said…
why not try your favorite color - mint green? am I correct or I just always see it posted on your blog? Streaks of mint green or lavender on your blonde hair will look great. But keep the cut short, though. :)
Unknown said…
I like the multi-colored one. Yung last photo, the one by Katy Perry.
Gellie Abogado said…
Na-confuse din ako sa mga pinost mong photos, Sarah! Haha! Parang sabihin ko pagkakita ko sa photo, ito bet ko, tapos pag-scroll down ko mas bet ko yung next. Hahaha! :P
the short purple and long purple hair :D
i already walked out with purple hair and everyone was like O_O lolz

@Mica nice ala Sophie :D if her hair was long and pink Gyaru style it would be like xiau xue-did i spell her name right hehe anyway both pinks are awesome!
MJC said…
so many choices. purple or green. those are my bets. :)