Topshop Wedge Trainers

A mega-laidback outfit for when I had my hair re-colored yesterday. An outfit short of being considered as pajamas. :P But yes, they are just as comfy as Pajamas.

I got these Topshop Wedge Trainers the day after Bloggers United and I have been wearing them nonstop since then. I just have to remember/make it a point to take more photos of them. They are so comfy and I love them to death. I initially wanted them in black but I think only the Greenbelt branch e ones carried those, however by the time I made the reservation call they were all out so I settled for these beige ones instead. I gotta say, pretty happy with my decision. They are so comfy and the beige color doesn't cut the length of my legs as much.

When you have your hair colored the way I have mine done, you have to prepare yourself for at least 4 hours of sitting in a salon chair so a comfy outfit works best. The longest time I spent in a salon was 7 hours at Kenti Tam's salon back in 2004. I had to have lunch and dinner there, by the time I left, I was best friends with most of their staff. :))

outfit: grandpa cardi from BE, Oxygen drop crotch pants, perfect white shirt muscle tee, ray-ban wayfarers, topshop trainers.


danielle said…
they're awesome! love how you styled them!
Yna Amores said…
Wala ng mas cocool pa sa outfit na to! Love it!
Honey Andrade said…
Wedge trainers are my new favorite things.... <3
Issa said…
i love the pants! looks really comfy! :)