Vintage Levi's + Kimono

ankle boots fashion

70s style leather bag

Nothing quite compares to the fit of a good old pair of Levi's. Levi's back pockets are so iconic that you get "cool props" almost instantly just by slipping on a pair. Despite all the new designer labels out there, Levi's is still my favorite brand when it comes to jeans, and in case you're wondering, no, this is not a sponsored post. I bought those shorts myself :P

Me and my friends sometimes have nights of drunken debauchery at my place during weekends...HA-HA, just kidding, it doesn't get that wild, I just like the way those words sound together. On some of those nights, one of my friends, Ana, prefers to sleepover since her house is pretty far from mine. Our spare room is always open to drunken friends (I think it's much safer to sleep things off sometimes) so I don't mind this at all and neither does Dennis. So on one of those occassions, I was pleasantly surprised and touched when I woke up the following day to a "thank you" package from Ana. Inside was a sweet note and this beautiful kimono from Forever21. She truly is one of my sweetest friends even if she sometimes doesn't like to admit it. So, Ana, if youre reading this, which you should be if youre a real friend (HAHA :P), Thank you! Thank you so much, I like it A LOT :)

outfit: gray tank from greenhills, levis shorts, forever21 paisley kimono, tan suede ankle boots from shoe etiquette, vintage style stamped leather bag from accessorize, diy necklaces.


A N A G O N said…
Hehehehe ganda nga pakinggan, very pa indie, drunken weekends lol ;p And ovkors binbasa ko ang blogs nyo ni Pax lalo pag nahuhuli ko yun wording ko trololol!!! ;D At di me sweet, sweetheart lang, chos! See you sooon! :)
nice shots... you look beautiful here!
Anne Garais said…
You loook gorgeous ms. Sarah! :)

love! x

Halie said…
You rock.
Unknown said…
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