What Went Down at Yabu's Katsu For 25 Exclusive Dinner

A spceial invitation was delivered to my house last week for Yabu's Katsu for 25. An exclusive dinner hosted by Yabu for 25 of the most influential bloggers, personalities and tastemakers in the Metro. Wow, right? :P

I made my way towards SM Megamall's Atrium last night making sure to wear black. Black hides bulges right? And that's exactly what I needed since I always tend to overeat at Yabu.

The dinner was a fun and very intimate event. It almost felt as if a friend was just celebrating their birthday. Me and fellow bloggers shared a loooong table wherein the food was overflowing and the laughter and conversation was just nonstop!

It was a great time to catch up with friends over delicious food. I had a great time catching up with Bestie Konisis of The Capricious Club blog whom I hardly see and dearly miss. Of course mainstays are Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums, Ana Gonzales of The Fashionista Commuter, and Paul of PaulthePRGuy.

Also seated at our table was Kelly Medina and Keigh Jalbuena:

Smiling waiters were there to welcome us and get our appetizer and fruit shake orders. I always order the Edamame + Potato Salad combo cause it's just sooo good! But thanks to Kelly, I have a new favorite....

This! The Seafood Wakame. It is delicious, fresh-tasting and healthy. Also great for taking away the umay factor which I believe you will need since Yabu serves BIG portions.

I also made a new friend that night, meet Dani Barretto who is young, sweet, funny, dow to earth and full of promise. Her blog is called Style Is Eternal. Do check it out. And yes, in case you are wondering she is the towering beauty offspring of actress and politicain, Marjorie Barretto.

Yabu's most inluential dinner was also graced by the presence of Laureen Uy, Robbie Becroft and Victor Basa but I forgot to take a photo :P Anyway...

Meet Yabu's mastermind and part owner, Mr. Gerry Santos:

and Master of Kazu, Chef Kazuya, who flew in all the way from Japan for this event!
(Pax has a crush on him! hahaha)

Back to the food...

The dinner was held mainly to announce the arrival of the latest additions to Yabu's menu, the Salmon Katsu Set and the Seafood No.2 Set which consists of salmon, black tiger prawn, Hiroshima giant oysters and its latest addition, creamy crab. DELICIOUS!!!!

Also making a debut that night was Master Kazuya's latest creation, The Yabu Special Katsudon:

Yabu's meals come with unlimited rice and cabbage which truly makes a great difference for dining at Yabu. Having unlimited rice makes it more economical to dine out since Yabu's Katsu sets are good eough for 2 adults to share.

And now, Yabu also serves delicious and fresh fruit shakes! Watermelon shake for Ana, Green Mango Shake for me and Ripe Mango shake for Pax! Love, love, love the green mango shake. Not too tangy, just right.

And now introducing Master Kazuya and Yabu's Special Katsudon in Rosu. I always get Rosu since I like a little fat with my pork :P But you can also get this in the different Katsu varieties.

Master Kazuya says that for this special Katsu, the egg yolk works as part of the sauce. You mix it in with the rice and it is pure heaven.

Here's a sampler plate of the new seafood katsu set no.2:

And although not on the menu, Yabu now serves Layu sauce. I will travel for this sauce. It is perfection. Sort of a cross between chinese chili garlice without the spiciness factor and XO sauce. You slather it on your Katsu for a truly unforgettable and dreamy dining experience. DO NOT FORGET to ask for this during your next visit to Yabu! This sauce alone makes it worth another visit. (And don't be afraid it is not spicy at all,)

We were also served som cold Sake in a gorgeous blue and crystal sake bottle:

Our table was teeming with food! It came to a point wherein there was no more room left for our glasses.

And the aftermath...

I can only describe last night as a foodie's dream come to life. Every single bite was a gastronomic delight and I can't wait to go back and visit with my family in tow!