WIWT: Hang Ten + Steal My Style

Maybe it's due to the fact that I have been on the hunt for them for so long that I suddenly have this obssesion with white pants. I know, so early 90's right? Maybe it's a quarterlife crisis pointing me back to juvenile fashion or maybe I just find the change of color refreshing after all those years of blue denim dominating the scene. Whichever reason, I just can't help but love them lately.

So I mentioned in a prior post how I found a perfect pair in Promod? I found another one in Hang Ten! And that's the pair I'm wearing in this post. Ana almost broke all hell loose to prevent me from purchasing another identical pair but no matter how much she tried to pursuade me, I still ended up going home with them and I have no regrets. This pair from Hang Ten only cost P999 and the fit and fabric is amazing as well. No visible front pockets or panty lines. Quite a feat to conquer when it comes to white denim. 

This time I paired my white hang ten pants with a white tux from love21 (forever21) a gold faux leather singlet from Pill and my favorite sandals from Zara. 

If you like this look, here's your chance to steal it! I'm giving away P1000 worth of Hang Ten GC's so you can buy yourself whatever your heart desires including this pair of perfect white deninms if you wish! So before you go, click the links below to join my giveaways! :)

Thanks, have a great weekened ahead!


Mary Ann said…
I like this look Ms. Sarah, parang lakas maka multiply na 10Xricher, =D
ThinkOrange said…
I'm totally gonna copy this look:)
thestyleflux said…
Oh wow! I now know where to get the perfect white pants! :)

Kaye Awatin
Unknown said…

Mikelle Jade said…
I've always been terrified of white pants.. but you make them look so good, I may just have to brave up and try them! You look great!
Unknown said…
sarah love this look! no wonder why you won as best dressed that night :D
OanaC said…
I like this look Ms. Sarah,and i love this blog I follow you now ,if u like me blog follow me back <3 Hugs

OanaC said…
I love this outfit