WIWT: Kim Kardashian x Kanye Style

Soooo sorry for my many, many backlog posts! It was so hard to update the blog during the 2 consecutive weeks of pfw and bloggers united. There just wasn't enough time. As you've noticed lately, I'm making up for it by having about  an average of 4 posts a day. It ain't easy.

Back to the look, this was what I wore for the first day of Philippine Fashion Week (Holiday 2012). Thank god the weather was quite forgiving that day which made me able to slip on this skin tight pair of leather pants from Topshop. If you've been following me for quite some time, you'll have realized by now that I have a penchant for anything leather despite living in a tropical country. Good thing I get cold easily. I decided to choose a simple outfit because I couldn't really be bothered to plan an elaborate one due to the fact that I was probably PMS-ing. That's the thing with leather, it doesn't take much to make your look stand out (I certainly hope I justified that statement with the photos, I wouldn't want to think you guys would be shaking your head and saying tsk, tsk tsk while reading). And for the sake of babbling, I just want to share that I was  so happy when I spotted this leather pair being sold at a half off! Last piece in my size, don't you just love it when that happens? I can never resist a sale item like that. Almost feels "meant to be"!  Anyway, back to the outfit, I softened up the leather look by adding a chiffon blouse from Pink Manila + dainty sandals from Zara to the mix. And that;s another thing you might have also noticed from my blog, my habit of juxtaposed outfits. I really like mixing and matching different trends together to create a new look. 

And lastly, about the title, I downloaded the Mail Online app on my iPad a few months ago. It's great, do you have it? It's a free magazine where you can download content everyday. It's free to download and it's free to update! You can even choose which genres you prefer to download only. I always sync the US HOME, UK Home, Us Showbiz and UK Showbiz pages. The thing with US Showbiz and sometimes even the UK + US home pages is that there's always something about the Kardashians. More often than not, you'll find either Kim, Khloe or Kourtney headlining it. So because of that, I've sort of had to follow Kim and Kanye's blossoming romance. Eversince she started going out with Kanye, she's been spotted wearing a lot of leather. I'm not really much of a Kim fan "fashionwise", I mean she dresses really well but it's not really my style, I prefer more of the laidback loose-hanging look, but lately I can't help but think of her whenever I wear or see anything leather. (looong explanation for a very trivial matter. hahaha, ok, let's end it there.)

outfit credits; shades from Nava, leather pants from Topshop, blouse from Pink Manila, Zara Sandals
photo credits: my favorite "anak", Tracy Ayson (wish you could take my photos everyday!)


Despina T. said…
love your outfit!
simple but sooo elegant!
you look great :)
Bianca Sing said…
This outfit is simply sleek and gorgeous! Loving it, Mommy <3

Unknown said…
you look really awesome! :)

I swear I love everything in your look, Sarah!! :') Head-turner! ♥

Unknown said…
Love your outfit, it's very cool, chic & edgy you look wonderful!