WIWT - Neon Fluo ODM Outfit

And here's the super bright outfit I wore to the ODM event. I think even the camera didn't take too much to the extremely bright fluo colors. They just came out looking washed out and old, sadly :(

Oh well, I'll keep it short and leave you with the outfit credits, will be spending the day out with my family and I have to get a move on :)

outfit: pants and top from Promod,  neon lapel blazer from Kids of Bayo, neon bracelets from Rex Clothing, necklace - pasalubong from Pax, metal belt from Nava, shoes from CMG

Hope you like :)


Lemuel Urieta said…
I love your outfit! Love the colors!

Gela said…
this is such a classy but cute outfit! i love the simple silhouette w/ the fun colors! looking good, Sarah. :)

boat ride through the sky
mestizay said…
love the color combination!:)
Mica said…
Gandaaaaaaa <3

Cristina said…
Great color palette & accessories!