WIWT: Philippine Fashion Week Day 4 - Oxygen

Philippine Fashion Week really put my mix and matching skills to a challenge. Since it was a week long event, we all had to put together practically almost 7 outfits, and since I did not shop specifically for it, I was starting to lose options by midweek. Luckily, it was an Oxygen show and we were asked to wear basic black and white outfits. Time to whip out my white muscle tee from a perfect white shirt again! :P But this time I matched it with a skirt I made that was inspired by Alexander Wang (you can find the tutorial for my Alexander Wang skirt HERE), my old sheer kimono/cardi from NAVA, sandals from Zara and a chunky faux diamong necklace from Mphosis. So there, hope you like!

The past 2 weeks have been nothing short of cray-cray and I am just soooo exhausted from all the activities! I am not complaining though, it's a "nice kinda tired". I had a blast meeting all of you at Bloggers United and I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for passing by, saying hi and taking the time to have yourself photographed with me. Although it was quite funny cause I looked so haggard already in most of the photos! There were just so many people and it got pretty hot and humid towards midday. Nonetlheless, I will still be posting our photos on my blog in the next day or so. Thanks for sending them to me! Also, a shout-out to the sweetest girl who came all the way from Los Banos to ask for my autograph! <3 Sorry if I couldn't chat longer, I was so overwhelmed and I really did not expect it at all. Super thank you!!!! If you're reading this, I would really appreciate it if you could email me at admin@fashioneggplant.com. I would like to get to know you more :)

Okay, back to errands...Have a nice day everyone! 

ps. thanks PaulthePRguy for the beautiful photos! such a relief to not have to edit! :P

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Unknown said…
girl, you are soooo ready to fly with that outfit.
ThinkOrange said…
I love that black and white combo!
Raffi Alcantara said…
Totally love this black & white combo! Especially the long robe! Love it.

xoxo Raffi :)

Anne Garais said…
you look so totally gorgeous with your outfit!!

FashionMoto said…
Gorgeous outfit! Pero mas gusto ko yung hair color at hairstyle niyo! ヅ

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Thanks! ヅ
Marijo Camacho said…
Wow! I super adore ur outfit. :)) I really love it when u smile. Lakas makabata! You still look like a DALAGA :))))))

Roma is Love said…
It's my first time to see a cardi that long!!! :) Great outfit Sarah! :) Happy you had a blast during the bloggers united! :)
I witnessed that moment!!! :p That girl who asked for your autograph's just so sweet!! ♥ Love your Alexander Wang inspired skirt, Sarah! Pretty!

Hazel said…
FAB OUTFIT dear!!! <3
Gellie Abogado said…
The skirt's so gorgeous Sarah! Wow, someone asked for your autograph! :D
Unknown said…
that dress looks amazing!
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Cheska said…
Love the outfit, Ms. Sarah! <3

xx, Cheska