5 Minute Fashion DIYs...Muscle Shirts and Dip Dyes

What makes a t-shirt special is usually what is printed on it and events you associate with the said shirt. Given those two reasons, I have managed to accumulate quite a pile throughout the years. Sadly, a lot of the cuts are now outdated.

To save shirts from the trash bin, a favorite trick of mine to instantly update them is to turn them into muscle shirts. It's quick, easy and cheap.

If it still doesn't seem to fit right, you can cut out the neckline as well or make several snips down the back.

Instant Update!

DIY Aztec Muscle Shirt

Another favorite project of mine is dip-dyeing. But beware. It is very addicting. Control yourself or you'll end up with a closet full of dip dyed everythings.

Jobos :P

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any Rit liquid dye in our country. The only type of dye I managed to get my hands on are classic packets of Venus which instantly take me back to the 90's and tie-dye shirts.

The difference between Rit and Venus is that Rit is very accurate. You get the exact color on the packet. With Venus, it is more or less a guessing game. Which also gives this project an element of surprise :S

According to the packet, you need to boil your clothes for 20 minutes and add 4 tablespoons of salt.
I beg to disagree. Just boil the powder dye in water add 4 tablespoons salt, boil, turn off heat and add clothing to mix. Dip up and down, to make it even. Leave until you achieve your desired color. I left mine around 10 minutes. The longer you leave it in, the darker it gets.

Also did it to this shirt:

I told you it was addicting :P Will post end results tomorrow as they're still drying out on the line.

Lastly, being a big Beatles fan, I decided to make a Day Tripper tribute shirt. 

Below is a preview, will post tutorial tomorrow :)


Cool DIYs, Sarah!! :) Really want to try the dip dye one! Next time nga!! ♥

Arnie Villanueva
Jonnie Navarro said…
coooool! i just made my DIYs too :D


Unknown said…
Cool ideas! I remember having school projects in grade school. My mom and I made dip dyed shirts using Venus Dyes. ^__^

I am glad dip dyes are trending again! ^_^
Unknown said…
I had the same problem, couldn't find the Rit dye anywhere. So I've delayed my own DIY ha!
A N A G O N said…
I used to be Ms DIY queen. May nag sabi sakin nun highschool bigyan lang ako ng lata at gunting makakagawa daw ako ng something, lol...Nakakamiss! Nice tips Sarah, kainspire lang :)
Issa said…
grabe, love your DIY's Miss Sarah! galing! :)