Black DIY Leather Skirt + Gold Knit Sweater

forever 21 gold knit sweater, DIY black leather skirt, black zara sandals, cmg fur leopard bag

black, gold and leopard

How's everyone doing? The strong winds and continuous rain almost sent me into a panic attack last night. Everything kept falling off the shelves and the glass windows kept on rattling I was afraid they might shatter and go flying across our living room. Perils of living in a condo is that you're higher up so the gusts are much stronger. The wind gives off an eerie howling sound that used to freak me out when we just moved in some years ago. I wish we could experence this kind of cool weather all year round sans the tragedies. It seems the only way to have sweater weather is to accompany it with extreme flooding. sad.

Anyway, when it was just raining and not yet flooding, I made a night trip to MOA for the Forever 21 VIP opening and this is what I wore.

I find the combination of black, gold and leopard to be timeless and fail-safe so it's usually my go-to outfit whenever I'm feeling un-inspired (That and blue jeans + a white shirt). The addition of different textures make the look more interesting and add much needed detail to an otherwise very minimalistic outfit.

For this post, I am wearing a gold knit sweater from Forever 21 which I got on sale during a shopping trip with Pax and Ana for only P300+ (what a steal right??), paired it with my leather DIY skirt, Love Diva statement necklaces, my favorite shoes from Zara and my CMG fur leopard bag. You like? :)


A N A G O N said…
infer di ko nakilala yun top ha! :) lakas makamayaman nga, hay saya! haha!
Love your gold knit sweater lalo na the leather skirt!!! ♥ Stylish as always! :">

Arnie Villanueva
Hi Sarah! Love this, you look super chic and classy! :)
Kath Rivera said…
I like the combination. You look good in every outfit you wear Sarah :)
Joanna Capati said…
I love blacks and golds too yey! :)