Black, Red and Leopard

On this day I realized that I don't really own anything red in my closet....

Let's take a walk shall we? And hope not to get runover before reaching the other side ....

forever21 black blazer, pink manila louis vuitton inspired leopard tank, nava pendleton hat,  vintage belt, sarah tirona red skirt, jeffrey campbell litas

An impromptu outfit I had to put together at the last minute for the Meg Fete dela Rouge party which I was supposed to skip but since it was scheduled to start after our Bar Dolce event and before our FLique 90's party, I had to oblige.

After frantically rummaging through my closet, I realized that I don't own a single piece of red clothing. Amazingly, I found this skirt I made a few months ago in a bag buried beneath some stuff, a leftover stock from the Superb Bazaar. 

Both the Meg and Flique parties had themes, Meg's being to wear something red and FLique's was to wear something pink and 90's inspired. This would mean an outfit change somewhere in between the two events somewhere along the way. The "somewhere" ended up being at the back of Paul's car with Pax while en route to Resorts World. 

I like packing light especially on days when I don't have my car with me to act as a back up closet so I had to think of two outfits for both events with a lot of similar attributes, but totally different looks, still party aceeptable that I can stuff and change into in my little Prada backpack.

So I settled on this, and packed a pair of high-waist denim shorts, sheer tights, and a lightweight chiffon blouse in pink for the Flique event...grabbing my inspiration from Bridget Fonda in one of my favorite movies from the 90's, "Singles" (awesome soundtrack, check it out).

I don't have a proper outfit shot, just these, which I managed to grab from Facebook:

I miss the 90's, one of the best decades to ever come of age in...a little wild but very inpsired.

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Gellie Abogado said…
You look awesome as ever, Sarah :)
Unknown said…
Tres chic! I've been looking for a red pleated skirt myself and am not sure where to find one here in Manila.
dress to kill, love it! :D
hi diwata! you can always order one from me, P550 only :) just send me an email :)