DIY Tribal Accent Denim Shorts

Today's DIY post is brought to you by the lovely Ann of the blog, Numbers, Letters and Fashion. Ann is an expert thrifter and quite the DIY queen herself. Her online shop, My Own Thriftshop is filled with affordable designer treasures that she herself hunts for in godknowswhere...She never ceases to amaze me so anyway, there. Hope you enjoy this post! (If you have DIYs that you want me to feature on my blog, pls send me an email thru

Hello luvs! This is Ann of NLFBlog, and I’m here to show you guys a simple DIY project that you can try anytime, using materials from your own closet!


1. Denim Shorts (Or any item of clothing that you’d like to “update” the look)
2. Printed Fabric scraps (or in this case, an old printed skirt that I haven’t worn and just marinating in my closet)/leather/lace
3. Fabric glue/Sewing Kit/Sewing machine
4. Pair of scissors



1. Make sure first that you have a clean working space/table and maybe play some good music for inspiration (lols). As for me, I always have the TV on the background while working my DIYs, preferably on the Lifestyle network, for more inspiration. I prefer using fabric glue, because I am not that well versed in sewing, even though I have Bertha (my sewing machine). 
 2. Decide which part of the short you want to put your accents. I decided to put mine on the left side of the front part. 
3. I also want to add an accent on the right side pocket. Of course, you can put the accent on both pockets, if you like. 
4. I decided to use this denim because for me, the tribal pattern (black and white) will look best with it. You can also use florals, stripes, dots, leopard, or any other busty print that you can get your hands into. 
5. I basically glued the fabric around the edges. The trick with using fabric glue is that you have to make sure the fabric you use is thick enough so that the glue would not seep right through it (believe me, I’ve destroyed a lot of clothes because I did not check first). So, when you will be suing laces or silk, I think it’s better to sew them on. 
6. Same process goes to the back pocket. Don’t you just love how the print stood out?


Unknown said…
I love this! I have been wanting to try this so a while now too! Thank you for sharing

P.S. I could really use your help if you get a chance. I am competing in a styling competition and you're vote could help send me to Fashion week :) Please visit my blog for details, Thanks!!
Mary Ann said…
oh wow, thank you Sarah=D. Expert and Queen in one sentence, hehe. Di naman po, I just LOVE thrifting and crafting a lot=D
Joy said…
These turned out really cute! Love the tribal design!
Joanna Capati said…
Thanks Ms Sarah for the DIY tips! Will do this over not-so-busy weekend! :)
lauren said…
so cute! i found sweet tribal fabrics from this etsy shop:

check them out ! xo lauren