Home Decorating With Neon

Neon accents give a refreshing pop of color in the home especially when you have mudpie gray walls like I do.

Remember when I went on a rampage a few months ago and decided to tackle painting our entire condo by myself and a paintbrush? Well, I did it, in three days to be exact. Quite a feat since our walls are textured and some ceilings go up to 12 feet. After those 3 gruelling days though, I burned out. Our kitchen is still not finished and our bedrooms are still left untouched in dirty, boring white, textured walls with lots of grafitti from Nikola. 

After several months of rest and focusing my attention on other things, I think I might have managed to get my second wind back.

This time, I'll start small...with the leftover neon spray cans from my previous fashion DIYs which you can view (HERE).

Me wants to paint our black coffee table neon pink like in the second photo below. What you think? I think yay! :P
neon dining set
neon coffee table
neon accent chairs

Hopefully, after I'm done with these, I'll be able to get back the strength to start on the kitchen...still contemplating on wether or not I'm capable of actually DIY-ing a cement kitchen countertop :P The thought kinda scares me but also excites me at the same time. We'll see....

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Roma is Love said…
Putting pop of neon in just about anything is my absolute favorite activity in the world! :) Just a splash can do wonders to unloved items! :)

Yeah tackling a paint job of your ENTIRE condo is definitely, an activity that will leave you cursing the errand forever!!!! so I agree...one small task at a time may just be the right way to do it. :)
AHHHH Love all these!!! ♥ Really like how you inspire us towards fashion pati homes/lifestyle! Haha ♥

Arnie Villanueva
Emanuel I. said…
Like them all!!!
krissy ♥ said…
I like everything but I love the third pic the most :) I'm excited to see the outcome!
Issa said…
post pictures when you're done Miss Sarah! :)