Monotheme Carrot Shower Gel Review

 ioECO by Monotheme is a natural, purely vegetable based skincare line from Italy. 

As a trained chef, I learned in culinary school that some of the freshest and highest quality vegetables hail from Italy. Italian cuisine is based mostly on freshness (home-farmed, organic vegetables, fresh catch from the sea, etc, it depends what region you are in), that is what gives their food the delicious flavor that you keep coming back for despite the simplicity in preparation for most dishes....okay, getting base point is that these vegetable based skincare products couldn;t have come from a better country.

Anyway....back to the review.

I have always suffered from dry skin ever since I was a child, The type that actually cracks and turns into wounds if not moisturized properly. My skin doesn't fair well in cold weather or air-conditioned rooms for long periods of time. My saving grace is mainly applying layers upon layers of lotion. Hot, sticky and at times, something I just can't be bothered with especially during really humid periods.

Before ioECO, I would just buy my shower gel in the grocery and judge them by scent since they all pretty much worked the same know, they clean and make you smell good. I never really looked to shower gels as a moisturizing agent since none of the ones I've tried so far have really made any astounding impact on my skin.

With ioECO though, it's different. You will immediately notice a softer and smoother texture on your skin right after you shower. It almost feels as if there is a light layer of lotion on your skin...and it really smells good and luxurious. I never thought in a million years that carrots could actually smell good on my skin.
And lastly, I love that it gets to a rich lather even with a very small amount. Most organic shower gels I've tried in the past don't really lather much unless you use quite a big amount.

Will I purchase again? Yes, definitely. ioECO takes the showering experience to a different level. It turns the everyday mundane experience into a luxurious pampering session. I highly recommend this to all hard-working men and women out there. You deserve it and you will love it!

ps. if you suffer from oily skin, try the Artichoke line, for sensitive skin, ioECO has the cucumber line. to go shopping for a botttle of ioECO carrot lotion :)

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Issa said…
how much is this Miss Sarah? I would love a shower gel that moisturizes! I have never encountered such before....
Crysy said…
Just by looking and reading your review about it, makes me want it too! :)
Unknown said…
I want! Thanks for the review.
Lourdes Espanol said…
This carrot shower gel sounds interesting.