Johnny Depp Inspired - Cross Gender Dressing

nava hat and shades, perfect white muscle tee (BUY HERE), topshop bell bottms, jeffrey campbell lita's, YSL inspired arty ring from Jhajing, velvet underground "banana" necklace from a shop in archelogy ages ago

I love Johnny Depp's dapper/bohemian/gypsy style A LOT but I defnitely wasn't thinking about him nor his style when I settled on this outfit for a Crocs event in Megamall a few weeks ago. It only dawned on me after I bumped into Shen at the crocs event and she greeted me with a "Well, Hello There Dark Shadows" remark. If I knew this then I would've piled on a lot more beaded and chained necklaces for a more Bohemian look, maybe even a pocket watch ;)  I just didn't have the time to mull over my outfit so much as I was already running late...very late. So I settled for my 'go-to' black blazer and perfect white muscle tee. I wasn't aiming for androgynous but that's just how it ended up looking. I guess I really have a boy gene inside of me plus I really despise skin tight clothing that prevents me from breathing properly.


ROXY said…
Super love the glasses and the pants ! :> and i love how you pulled the outfit Ms. Sarah :>

Gellie Abogado said…
you look gorgeous in man glam, sarah! :)
thestyleflux said…
Love this style so much!

Kaye Awatin
Twitter: @thestyleflux
Joanna Capati said…
I'd love to try out those pants and blazer! And Ms Sarah, not to mention you always get the simple-white-tee/inner-look-great and fashionable to wear at any occasion as you complement them with other pieces. Really an idol! :)
Unknown said…
Very savvy. :p Especially loving the sunnies!