Locked Out And Nowhere To Go

Ok...so here's a good and proper photo captured by Stylebible during...I'm sure you can read as it is stated quite boldy below....Philippine Fashion Week. Sorry to state the obvious. :P

And here are some not so good photos taken by my "personal photographer". He desperately needs to take some classes but let's cut him some slack for now since we just celebrated our 7th anniversary this weekend and he was quite commendable during the said celebration ;)

vintage celine blazer, pink manila top, nude zara pumps, mikka padua clutch, jhajing collar and ysl arty ring, promod white skinny jeans

I'll let you in on a little secret....as "so-called" fashion bloggers, there are days when there is not enough time to take photos and document what we are wearing. There are certain events and days wherein we forget to take photos or sometimes, we are just plain lazy. Enter the "outfit repeat" photos. We wear the exact same combination just for the sake of documenting it for you guys and then later on change to another outfit for the day which we take a photo of again. See how much we love you? :)) 

Since I keep on changing my hair colors lately, and since sometimes I am photogrpahed ahead by other people as opposed to having my own photos, these outfit repeats will be more obvious on my blog than on other blogs.

I take my photos in our fire escape since that is the only place I can get  a fairly decent amount of sunlight and a plain wall. That also describes the bad hair in some---most of my photos, I have yet to learn how to time and take advantage of the wind for a nice "wind-blown" effect. It always seems to blow in the wrong direction. :S It.is.exasperating. And because of the strong winds up on our floor, it slammed the door behind us and locked us out. I had to go down 6 flights of stairs in 5 inch heels. Back down to the lobby to call for a back up spare key...and then wait for the key to arive, which explains the photos below taken in our sort of foyer....

I found a vintage Harper's Bazaar mag which was too cool for words. Might take some photos and share with you for a nice nostalgia trip :)


Mary Ann said…
I think almost the same thing happened to Aisa before--she got locked out sa balcony?=)

LOVE the blazer SO MUCH=D
Myrted said…
I really love your style Ms. Sarah! Edgy with finesse. :D
Issa said…
love your nude pumps! and your black and white photos are lovely! :)
This happens to me sometimes, too! :p No chances of documenting the OTD so walang choice but to repeat the whole ensemble! Hahaha! All for the love of blogging! ♥ This is such a great look, Sarah! FIERCE HAIR COLOR!!! Yay! Wanna see you tuloy!

Arnie Villanueva
Unknown said…
I super love your purple hair!!! ^__^
Dian dela Cruz said…
I love your hair Sarah! Looks great on you! Blonde is okay too! Yes, true katamad sometimes to document everything..
Lindsey said…
That necklace is amazing! WOW! Great pics, you know what you are doing!