Of Grocery Lists and Post Office Notices

crumpled, old and ancient white boyfriend shirt, bershka shorts, topshop wedge trainers, axis watch 

I haven't really been going out per se lately. Most of my trips consist of errands such as grocery shopping, paying bills at the bank and picking up parcels at the post office. Daily, unavoidable mundane activities that accompany "being a grown up". God, I hate paying bills at the bank so much! Especially when it comes to our electric and credit card bills. Seems those two bills have a capacity to grow on their own like a fungus you just can't get rid off no matter how much oitnment you apply.

So consequently, the outfits I've been featuring lately are mostly laidback, fuss-free ones worn to the said, exciting events. :S

I've been a little hermit these past few weeks, preferring to stay home and just keep a low profile from all the blogger events. I just got really burned out and tired for awhile there that  I felt the need to recuperate and just bum as much as being a stay-at-home mom will entail. It took me about 3 weeks but I think I'm ready to slowly ease myself into the events circuit again one day at a time. It just gets crazy sometimes with the amount of press kits waiting for you at your desk each morning. What was supposedly a habit turned itself into work overnight. I'm just really grateful that this "work thing" allows me to prescribe my number of "sick days" without asking for approval from a boss.Plus it also helps that I enjoy doing what I do a lot. :)


A N A G O N said…
Ako naman will always dream of becoming a magazine gurl kaya keri sakin mga press kit and stuff, naeenjoy ko sha haha! :p But true ka jan in terms of being our own boss, blessed parin tayo at the end of all these :) See you again soon! :)
Mica said…
Love this simple look Ms. Sarah! :)
Audrey Masitsa said…
I agree with you. It's important to take a break once in a while to recharge and redefine your focus, reminding yourself why you do what you do.
Hazel said…
didn't know you dyed your hair again! haven't visited your blog for so long. anyway, nice laid out outfit :D
Anonymous said…
Mama Sars, kailangan ko ba i-todo bleach hair ko before purple dye to achieve that color?
anonymous: no naman, one session will probably do as long as youre not going after a pastel purple shade :)
Anonymous said…
Hello again! This is anonymous 1:09 AM thank you for answering. Keep it up Mama Sars, you inspire me ;)
anonymous, thank you, that means so much to me :)
Chin said…

I like your shirt, and I'd kill for your shoes. Are those the hidden wedge shoes? Know that if you answer yes, I will squirm where I'm sitting until I make a hole on the floor and fall down. Haha!