Patti Grandidge in ForMe - Charme Francais + Fashion Extravaganza

Where to find classic investment pieces that will withstand the years? The answer is ForMe.

ForMe's latest collection, which is aptly called, "Charme Francais", was launched last weekend in their Trinoma boutique, along with the introduction of their latest endorser, Ms Patti Grandidge. 

The weather last weekend was terrible and I kept getting stuck in traffic along Edsa, thank God Ana was there earlier to take photos.

Here's what happened before my arrival:

Bloggers were treated to delicious tarts and canapes from Cafe France as they were introduced to ForMe's latest collection, Charme Francais, and endorser, Patti Grandidge.

A woman who exudes effortless grace, Patti Grandidge is the perfect choice to epitomize ForMe's style aesthetic which is catered towards the modern and independent woman who can balance work and fun in style.

The Charme Fran├žais collection is all about versatile and eye-catching styles that can be mixed and matched with other pieces. Carrying the charm and sophistication of Paris, the selection can be described as chic, playful and romantic.

After the niceties, it was time for some fun. Bloggers were given 30 minutes to walk around the store, browse the latest items and style themselves in a "Fashion Extravanganza" challenge.

I arrived midway through the challenge so I scrambled to grab what I could get in the few minutes I had left to style myself...which was about 10 minutes. Since the dressing rooms were all full, I had to rely on my mad stealth skills ( :P ) and friends to cover me up while I changed just outside the dressing room doors.

Still breathless from brisk-walking from my car to the boutique in five inch heels and smack into fashion madness brought about by frenzied bloggers all around the store, I still hadn't recovered when my name was called as the winner to the challenge.

I happily accepted my prize but more hesitantly posed for all the photographers since I was still shaking from all the adrenaline. So much happened in 20 minutes! Still, I was glad I won since it meant an additonal 3K to the 2K already given to the attendees for shopping the Charme Francais collection. (Weee!)

Thank you judges for choosing me :)

Below are photos of the third and second place winners:

Posing with the judges and feeling awkward as ever!

So happy my friends were there to back me up and help me relax :) xoxo

ForMe's Charme Francais collection is brimming with highly covetable pieces which made it extremely hard for me to decide and narrow down which items to spend my GC's on. If you check out the picture below, you'll understand why...

Everyone looks good in a shift dress! A must-have in every woman's closet ;)

I am sooo inlove with the vintage feel of this dress, I will probably go back and pick this up:

ForMe's Charme Francais collection guarantees a look that is timeless, classy and sophisticated. I suggest you all head on to your nearest ForMe branch before other ladies snatch these up. (They only stock about 2 pieces for every size you know). Of course, nothing is more scandalous than showing up at an event and finding someone wearing something identical to your outfit. The horror! Lol! But all kidding aside, nobody wants that which is all the more reason for you to shop ForMe! :)

for more info on the brand, visit:


Roma is Love said…
I understand!!! :) Gorgeous outfits!!! I want..
Ida said…
You don't look awkward at all and your chosen outfit looks cool. :)
Issa said…
very nice collection! congrats for winning the challenge Miss Sarah! :)
Kath Rivera said…
Wow, congrats Sarah! I like the 2nd to the last photo. Your really a fashion genius :D
Girl Pearl said…
Mmmm i love those dress and you are so sweet. Kisses
Girl Pearl said…
Imi place ce ai scris!
thanks for the compliments and comment you guys, giving back the favor :)
mavicdesigns said…
What else can I saay? It's really lovely...:D