Shine Moist Cyclamen - DIY Purple Hair (Review and Tutorial)

Purple Hair Tutorial....or an incidental Shine Moist Henna Wax Color Treatment review...

interesting fact: this is the 2nd damn time I'm writing this article because the stupid "auto-save" failed to work and as luck would have it, my laptop chose to wait and crash by the time I was mid-way through writing it causing everything to be deleted. Double stupid me for not saving it on word. Oh the profanities running through my mind right now....

So anyway, I will try as hard as I can to get back into the right frame of mind and continue....btw, fuckin aut-save is working perfectly fine now incase the thought interests you. argggh!

Okay, enough ranting let's get on with it.

When I first got my hair bleached blonde in January it was supposed to be a precursor for dyeing it lilac. But since I loved the blonde so much and not to mention it cost me quite a small fortune (:S), I decided to keep it for awhile. Come March, being the fickle person that I am, I decided that I wanted change...again...Also mainly due to the fact that my roots were starting to 'angrily' show. It was annoying the heck out of me and I didn't want to spend another five grand in a salon. So off I went to the beauty department in Megamall with my best friend to shop for some hair dye. I have been dyeing my hair since grade school and through the years I have practically tried all the brands that come in a typical rectangular cardboard box. This shopping trip was beginning to bore the hell out of me until my eyes came across a purple section dedicated to a new brand I have never heard of before...Shine Moist. It piqued my curiosity a bit but since I was already feeling quite resigned by this time, I left the color choosing up to my best friend. She settled on Cyclamen. So we purchased it and it has stayed in my closet up until 2 days ago because at that time, I changed my mind about dyeing my hair again. See, I told you...fickle.

I was about to open it up and finally try it last month but the gods at L'Oreal had a different plan in mind. I received a surprise phone call for a free dye job from them. Of course I obliged. Enter the blue hair phase...which I loved but sadly faded into a moss green and eventually a sandy blonde in a matter of a couple of weeks.

I was back to being a blonde...and frankly sick of it.

Out comes the Shine Moist Henna Wax Color Treatment Box in Cyclamen. I was expecting my hair to turn into a dark brunette with deep red undertones...normal. I wasn't exactly ecstatic about this idea but with the way I was feeling about my hair at that moment, it would have to do for awhile since it was the only product I had on hand.

Coincidentally, well not really, I googled "Cyclamen" this afternoon and found out that they are a purple, sometimes pink type of perennial flower:

...the cyclamen flower... sounds naughty...hahaha

Unlike most hair dyes, the Shine Moist Henna Wax doesn't need a developer. You just apply it to your hair (after you've shampooed it and towel-dryed to 75%) like a leave-in conditioner. Very easy to apply and contrary to what you read in other reviews online, it's not that messy. (Just as messy as any other home hair dye kit you might use, or maybe even less.) So just massage it onto your hair, then comb it out to make it even. Wrap your head with foil, make like an alien then finish with a warm towel on top. Leave for 30 minutes, take off your turban. Let cool for 5 minutes then rinse out thouroughly and apply whatever conditioner you might have lying around. I used Lorys.

I was stunned, and quite pleasantly, surprised by the outcome. I didn't expect it to lift this much.
This photo was taken without flash as you can obviously tell...
The final color is a bright reddish purple on the blonde parts and a bordeaux on virgin hair, a little brighter than I would normally go for (I'd rather have it plumb or lilac) but I still really like it. And for only P214.00 a box as opposed to Manic Panic and Special Effects hefty price tag, why not?

To my amazement, it also left my bleached hair feeling soft. 

The only thing I don't like about it is that it stains SO MUCH. Use an old towel when you shower the first few times. It takes quite awhile to fully rinse all the excess color out. Other than that, this is a drugstore gem. 

If you want your hair color to come out as vibrant as mine, bleach your hair first using Hortaleza's powder bleach once or twice depending on how coarse your hair is then apply the Cyclamen dye after. The whole process will only cost you about P500 (even less, I'm just really bad at math), supplies included. *high five! :))


Issa said…
it's a very pretty color on you Miss Sarah! I love it! carry mo talaga ang colored hair! :)
youknowimaqueen said…
Looks great, better than I've seen it a few times on other girls:)
MaryJane Tauyan said…
wow that looks gorgeous!! I'm thinking doing some pink ombre' like colour on my hair but I'm not as brave as you yet haha! you look gorgeous dear! xx

>> <<
MaryJane Tauyan said…
wow that looks gorgeous!! I'm thinking doing some pink ombre' like colour on my hair but I'm not as brave as you yet haha! you look gorgeous dear! xx

>> <<
MaryJane Tauyan said…
wow that looks gorgeous!! I'm thinking doing some pink ombre' like colour on my hair but I'm not as brave as you yet haha! you look gorgeous dear! xx

>> <<
Gie said…
AMAZING!! i want that!but i dont know if ill get the same results since black ang hair ko.:)) pero its really nice on you!
Melai said…
You look awesome Sarah! :) Suits you!

Melai of Style and Soul
Judy Ann Chio said…
I was planning to color my hair pink but i am afraid that my hair will become dry if i will apply bleach first then pink, so much chemicals. xD di po ba ito maka dry ng hair? :D
Gellie Abogado said…
OMG, I'm so dying to color my hair something of outrageous shade! xP
Mish said…
Wow! Love the color on you Ms. Sarah! Do they have other colors? Ang mahal kasi ng manic panic. :)
Aya said…
Ohhh never heard of the brand. How much product did you use? Thinking of coloring my hair eh :D
A N A G O N said…
Ang cool pala nitong nabuy mo sarah!!! :D Cuteee! ako naman I want black hair na uli, or dark brown. Nagiging manang na ata ako chos, or wait, fickle din siguro hehehe!

Alam mo bwisit blogspot lately, kainis yung autosave thingie nag eerror naman yun sakin :/
thanks for the compliments, never fails to make my day :)

gie: if you don't pre-bleach, your hair will come out a deep red :)

judy ann: sadly, its a given, bleaching really will dry your hair but shine moist makes it a bit softer unlike other hair dyes, its like a treatment and color in one, make sure to do a patch test with the bleach first, some people are sensitive towards it.

mish: i dont remember, i got this awhile back but i'll make it a point to check on the other colors when i get the chance to drop by the mall again :)

ana; that was what i initially wanted, brown din, thats why i finally dyed it, e purple lumabas! :)) not complaining though, ill probably let my hair grow out first before going back to brown
You look great!!! I'm planning on doing this too, where did you buy the dye? and what's the exact name of the bleach? :)

Rotten Nuke said…
hello po! the color really suits you! im planning to get my hair dyed with pastel blue and yellow... but i dont know what brands and where to get them here in the Phils. ;) i googled and saw your awesome blog...hope to hear from u po..
hi sophia: hbc powder bleach is the best :)
rotten nuke: for fancy colors hair dyes, visit but if im not mistakened, shinemoist has those colors too try to visit this little wholesale beauty shop along santolan road san juan. its beside dog whiskerer, below cunejo :)