Spa Dates and Peace Wedges - Meeting Ze Readers

When I first started out the blog, I felt anonymous. Anonymity brought a sense of freedom for me to write and post about anything that I fancied without feeling the need to censor and "make things appropriate" for public viewing. There simply was no need to, what with the fifty or so readers I had at that time which consisted mostly of friends and family who have known me a long time and are bound to unconditonally love me and not judge no matter which of my thoughts I decide to put down. Being anonymous was cool but it lacked the pressure I needed to motivate me and publish something everyday or at least frequently.

Fast forward several months after my first post when I hit the magical 100 followers mark, which I did not expect to gain at all. To say the least, the feeling was surreal. To realize that people, even strangers enjoyed reading what I had to say gave me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction unparalleled by anything else I've ever experienced in all my 32 years of hobby writing and styling. It developed in me an insatiable curiosity to meet the faces behind the comments.

Blogging has its fair share of perks and heartaches. Instances sometimes occur that leave me disheartened and uninspired to write a post but having brands and readers who believe in me give me the courage to continue doing what I do on a daily basis. Being a brand ambassador for Beauty and Butter is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received from having a blog and I really appreciate the fact that they were willing to sponsor a pampering session for me and a few choice readers. After much delay due to conflicting schedules and personal appointments, I was finally able to schedule a date and bond with one of my winners, Bea Perez, over an Orly Mandarin Foot Spa at Beauty and Butter, Megamall.

Here are a few photos from our date:

The Orly mandarin foot spa detoxifies as well as softens your skin. They wrap clingwrap all over your leags then follow with warm stockings afterwards...I'm guessing to open up your pores and let the moisture from the lotion set in better. Feels divine.

And here's Bea, getting her nails done:

I brought along with me my favorite polish, Laura Mercier's twilight from Fall last year. It's such a lovely shade of deep purple with subtle gold speckles.

Matching nail polish on Bea and Me:

She is such a sweet kid, yes kid, only 17 but already a major in accounting which really impressed me since I have always been really bad at math. This Spa Date was a wonderful experience, I had so much fun getting to know Bea and her interests. I can't wait for the next. See you Lilli :)

Last week was reader week :P

I also got to meet Shali who won my Melissa Peace Wedge giveaway.

We met for an afternoon chat at Krispy Kreme and it was really fun sharing notes on fashion and DIYs. She is also an aspiring blogger so if you have time, do check out her blog HERE. She's also wearing the wedges she won from me in that post.

Here's a quick snapshot of the two of us together:

So last week was a really great week spent getting to know these sweet girls. I hope I get the chance to meet more of you soon in person. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my blog. You guys have a great week! :)


Issa said…
this is so much fun! sayang, when I won your Mother's Day giveaway sana pala nag-meet na lang din tayo, hihihi.... :) there's always a next time :)
Gela said…
Sarah! pink na pala hair mo! i loooove it. :D

boat ride through the sky
OanaC said…
amazing :X
baci oana
Hazel said…
I hope i can see you again Sarah :) The last time i saw you nung celeteque event pa last year! :)
A N A G O N said…
Buti pa sila nakaspa date ka! :) Hehehe I miss you! ;D
Anonymous said…
Wow! Love it. Nice meeting you Sarah. See you again soon, hopefully sa events naman. ^_~
Anonymous said…
Wow! Love it. Nice meeting you Sarah. See you again soon, hopefully sa events naman. ^_~