Tribal Skirt + Forever21 Knits

forever21 knit sweater, sarah tirona tribal skirt (email to order) topshop wedges, kashieca gun necklace, prada backpack

The ultimate in comfort dressing for days when you just don't feel like bothering much with your outfit...which is how I have been feeling lately. Admittedly, the weather has been more than forgiving. Cooler than usual, most of the time allowing for layers. Most of the time. It's odd that when I get up in the morning for coffee, it's usually all nice and rainy, cool and cozy but by the time I take a shower and get dressed for wherever, it starts to get warm again...and by the time I am set to head home, it starts raining again. Mercurial weather. You know what they say, when you have nothing to talk about, the weather is always a safe topic. So as not to bore you any further with my thoughts on our current weather conditions, I shall let you go and bid you all a fantastic weekend.


Bianca Sing said…
I really really love your comfort dressing Mommy Sarah <3 Super chic parin <3

Love the skirt and the shoes!!

Aki No Yuutsu said…
OMG!!! I just saw your new hair color!!! You ROCK!!!
D said…
Omg! Love the wedge! How much is that? :)
Rizza Lana said…
Loving the hair, Sarah ;)
Issa said…
your outfit is perfect for our weather today! happy weekend to you too Miss Sarah! :)
Kath Rivera said…
Hi Sarah! Nice meeting you at the Nisce Event :D Super like this outfit! I want din to try tribal skirts. Hehehe
Roma is Love said…
your shoes is killing me. seriously. I feel so incomplete now.

iheartberries said…
Hi Miss Sarah! Love your skirt. I want to have one too.. :)
Hello! Were you at the Nisce event last Tuesday? I don't think I could miss your fab hair! Ang ganda! :)
I'm sorry I failed to introduce myself properly then.

I really love your shoes! :)

Hope we can follow each other. <3
such an amazing outfit, I love this skirt, is awesome!!