Tribal Wedges by Risque

I was sorting through my "June Folder" when I came across some photos from Philippine Fashion Week and the Superb Bazaar while making sure I didn't miss out any announcements and such before I moved on to July. While going through the photos, I found these...which was a wonderful surprise, similar to the feeling I get when I find money in the pockets of newly laundered shorts...or maybe that's just me and shoes.

Nevertheless, these pairs are way too precious for me not to share with yoy guys....

While randomly shopping around Superb with Ana, we came acroos this booth:

Which made us immediately step back, absorb everything and take deep breathes....

The mastermind of these awesome creations is this young talented girl in the photo above named, Tal; whom we were able to briefly chat with. She was so refreshingly nice, unrestrained and accomodating with no airs whatsoever. According to her, all pairs are fully customisable. You can mix this fabric with that heel and add a zipper here and there with no extra charge. It's like Lego for ladies! Don't you just love it?

For more info on Risque's Tribal Upheaval, visit their Facebook Page.


Myrted said…
WOW! ang gaganda ng designs, bet na bet!!! How much ang range ng prices nila Ms. Sarah?

I can share deep breaths from here. :B

hi myrted! if im not mistaken, around P3k :)
Katt said…
Wow. Those shoes are to die for! <3