Camp Hang Ten + Cotton Project

Hang Ten is releasing a new line called the Cotton Project.

The Cotton Project explores wardrobe dictations fit for braving the wind chills for the anticipated turn of the season. This new line introduces a mélange of updated looks from tops, jackets and layering essentials catering to the youthful demographic of fashion forward go-getters!

In line with The Cotton Project's new theme, Hang Ten prepared a "camping event" for a few of Manila's fashion bloggers to familiarize us with their latest campaign.

Everyone arrived in camping ready outfits except for me cause I arrived late from a shoot and didn't read the email properly :P

Bloggers were welcomed with lots of food to provide much needed energy for the games they had planned.

After a bit of snacking, bloggers were divided into color-coded teams to resemeble different camps. We were all given corresponding sashes. I ended up being part of the green team along with Nicole Santos, Aivan Magno and David Guison.

"The Camp Grounds" with Adam & Eve looking mannequins care of Mikki Galang. LOL at the flower covered private parts.

Our Camp Counselors briefing us on our tasks...

After which we were given "Survival Kits"

and a Camp Map:

The activities revolved around creating impromptu accessories, styling with cotton project clothes and super fun obstacle courses which was quite a feat for me since I was in wedges which I had to take off midway.

It was a really fun, well thought of event.

Here are some pics from Hang Ten's latest Cotton Project line:

oh and we won Best in Styling! :)

and a group pic of the Happy Campers!

Thanks for having me Hang Ten! It was a truly memorable experience and I look forward to the next! :)

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photos from Ana


Unknown said…
Cute! may survival kit at camp map :)