DIY Purple Hair Update

A lot of you have been asking me for this update, I'm sorry it took so long but I decided to wait it out a little longer to make it more accurate.

So anyway, here it is, after 20 days (as you can see in the photo above). The color has faded reasonably. It has turned into a sort of pale pastel pink, almost like cotton candy from a bright and vibrant purple. The fact that I shampoo my hair everyday probably didn't help the quick fading either...

But I must reiterate that the product I used wasn't really a permanent hair dye. It's more of like a tinted cellophane treatment so I wasn't really expecting it to stay on this long. And since it's a treatment and not a dye, you can use it more often without damaging your hair. I just dyed my hair again today with the same product (more on this later) and it does in fact make my bleached hair feel a lot softer and manageable. So yes, for only P214/pot, I still definitely highly recommend this. 

Okay, like I mentioned earlier, I dyed my hair again this afternoon. It's back to it's vibrant purple shade. I switched things up a little today and added a developer to the mix in the hopes of making it stay on stronger. Considering the amount of color washed out during my initial shower after dyeing it, the results look promising. The color didn't run as much as it used to and I didn't end up staining everything I own. Plus this time, I only had to use half the pot! Even more savings, so who doesn't want that? 

I will wait it out a couple of days but once I'm sure of the results, I will post another DIY using my new method. 

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Kath Rivera said…
Hi Sarah :) Gumamit din ako ng same shade (cylamen) before but my hair that time is black. So ang result sa hair ko s purplish brown. Bagay syo yung purple and I'm excited to see the results :)

mavicdesigns said…
Something fashionable...:D
Hzl said…
Can you tell us what brand is it and where did you buy it? :)
Hzl said…
Oh never mind haha! I found the brand in your past post :)
Lourdes Espanol said…
I don't think I'll be able to pull off purple hair.