Jhajing - A Store Visit/Feature + Haul

I have been purchasing clothes from Jhajing through Facebook for quite sometime now. I chose to limit my transactions through online means since her store is located quite a distance from where I live (Visayas Ave).

So last week, I purchased the H&M for Aids tribal jacket from her through Instagram. I was really in love with it but when I put it on, it was a couple sizes too big so I hesitantly asked if I could have it exchanged for something else instead. When she said yes, I decided finally to make a store visit (since it was a long weekend and I was sure that we wouldn't encounter any traffic).

So off we went, took us about 15 minutes since there was no trraffic at all. Hooray!

my h&m tribal jacket that I had to sadly let go off :(

 Jhajing truly deserves a place in every recessionista's heart. With shoes starting at P300, a whole wall of accessories and then some, not to mention the fashion forward clothes which start at about P400. Jhajing is a wonderland for fashion freaks.

Here are some of the things you'll see when you visit her store:

All the more reason for you to visit is that she stocks new styles almost every week. Gahhh!

M jacket was about P1600++ to say I went crazy over how much more I spent is an understatement. Still, I got so much for so little, it's still worth every penny.

My Haul:

Wore several of these pieces already, will post more ootd's in the days to follow. Here's one from a few days ago when I went to the Toy Kingdom Toy Expo which required "cocktail dress".


Raffi Alcantara said…
Love that shop! Every girl should visit jhajing, you'll go crazy on how unique their pieces are!

xoxo Raffi ♥

Charlene Ajose said…
Been seeing their items online! Great post! :D

Charlene Ajose
Fashion/Personal Blogger
CJ said…
Wow! Those pieces look amaziing!!!