Laura Mercier Free Make-up Workshop with Jeffrey Tasker

Renowned global make up artists, Jeffrey Tasker is coming back to Manila with a free make-up workshop sponsored by Laura Mercier! An event you definitely should not miss! RSVP with the number above for a guaranteed seat but you gotta hurry cause slots are going faaaaast!!!

*Jeffrey Tasker has worked with numerous A-list Hollywood celebrites like Oprah Winfrey and the Sex and the City cast. He is truly wonderful and a great teacher. 


Anonymous said…
Hi Sarah, I blogged about the workshop already ( also linked you in my blog ). Thank you so much for being so kind in posting this. It really does prove that being your loyal follower has its perks! I really really hope I could meet you one day. I'm such a fan of yours! ^_^



P.S. I just got back into blogging recently. ^_^
hi prettylittle petite: that really means a lot to me and i hope i get to meet you soon as well. hit me up on twitter (@sarahtirona) sometime :)