My Robinsons Red Hot Sale Finds

Malls, chocolates and junk food are just some of the things I would love to hate but their irrisistable draw just makes it impossible. You know what they say...once a mall rat always a mall rat.

Dennis always tries his best to control my impulsive shopping urges but seldom succeeds. Once I put on the charms, he is powerless and has no other choice but to give in to my wishes...although at most times begrudgingly, still, I get my way...kind of. 

The time I get to spend in the mall is usually timed and I'm only given a few hours to excercise my rights as a modern shoppingera. That is precisely why it is imperative that I know the right places to head to for great deals and unique finds to make the most out of my trip.

The Red Hot Sale is the longest ongoing sale that happens once a year at all Robinsons Malls. The Red Hot Sale promises up to 70% off on quality merchandise in most of their establishments. That's a total of over 400 stores and about 2,330,000 sq.ft to conquer. But before you go into panic mode, don't fret. I have used my shopping expertise to create a guide to all the must visit places so you don't have to waste your time running around aimlessly like a deer caught in headlights.

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further adieu, here is my much coveted list of shops to visit at the Robinsons Red Hot Sale:

For the ladies:
  1. Accessorize ( Level 2 )
  2. Beauty Bar   ( Level 2 )
  3. Steve Madden   ( Level 2 )
  4. Dorothy Perkins   ( Level 2 )
  5. The Little Things She Needs  ( Level 2 )
  6. 50th Avenue ( Level 3)
  7. Celine  (Level 3)
  8. Freeway/Ensembles  (Level 3)
  9. The Bead Shop  (Level 3)
  10. Wade  (Level 3)
For the gents:

  1. Res|Toe|Run (Level 2)
  2. Daniel Hechter  (Level 2)
  3. Converse (Level 3)
  4. Onesimus  (Level 3)
  5. GBX Concept Store  (Level 3)
For the kids:

  1. Girls  (Level 2)
  2. Osh Kosh  (Level 3)
  3. Toys R Us  (Level 4)

With this list, I promise to deliver the ultimate shopping experience for you and your family.

Check out some of my finds from the stores I listed above:


Crazy discounts on household items at the basement of Robinsons Galleria

Despite being one of the most reluctant shoppers I know, Dennis couldn't resist these awesome Adidas sneakers that were on sale at the GBX Concept Store.

My ultimate buy for the day were these oversized cat-eye sunglasses from The Little Things She Needs that were marked down to only P100 from P700! What a steal!!!!

Nikola on the other hand, went crazy for all the cute little stuffed toys that were being sold for only P70 at Toys R Us.

Catch The Red Hot Sale at all Robinsons Malls this whole month of August!

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