Purple Groom OTD

TLTSN Cateye Sunglasses, Kenneth Cole Belt, Protest Parka, CMG Bag, DIY skirt, Topshop wedges

Sorry for the lack of a better title. This is what I wore to the Purple Groom brand ambassador shoot me and chewy had last week (read about it HERE). Never been to a doggie/blogger-owner shoot so I didn't know what to wear + there was no peg, just a come as you are sort of thing. 

No lengthy blurbs today, having lunch out plus rushing off to an exciting event soon after which I am suuuper excited about and I promise to share soon. Think purple + japanese? :P


gorgeous look. love it!

Can I invite you to my GIVEAWAY ???:

*dogeared heart necklace*


itin said…
wow the hair blew me away... i think it's too much for me. i cant pull it off myself.
bet na bet ang hair :) love the outfit :)

Rovie, The Bargain Doll
Vera Liane Rea said…
Your hair is killer! Plus your outfit too. Love love love! :D
Diana de Belen said…
Love your cut out wedges. :) This is outfit is ready for FALL. How's the weather in Manila lately?

xx Diana