Studded High Waist Shorts + Shulong

Seems all I ever do lately is go to the grocery. Here's another outfit I wore to one of many grocery visits...a slightly dressed up version of the basic white shirt + denim shorts outfit.

let's get on with the outfit details before I start rambling on again about random everyday things:
 sneakers from Shulong, shorts from Bubbles, shirt from Sexy White Shirt, bag from CMG, belt from Kenneth Cole

Where do you shop for groceries? (HAHA-small talk) We usually go to Robinson's Supermarket or Unimart. Among the 2, Unimart has always been my favorite. Been going shopping there since I was a toddler...whew, quite awhile back as you can imagine. If you like being yourself hard to find imported treats, Unimart has got a lot of those. Think SNR without the bulk buying. Some of the things I'm talking about are ready-made Oreo pie crusts, Oreo brwonies, rice crackers, all sorts of cheeses including Easy Cheese and String Cheese, sausages, prime cuts of steak, chips you don't normally see anywhere else and of course, a huge variety of chinese delicacies. And in case you're wondering, this is not a sponsored post by Unimart. I'm just getting a bit nostalgic since the place is scheduled to be demolished in the near future...


Chyrel Gomez said…
Ang sad naman. Demolish talaga in the near future. BET ko ang shorts mo.
A N A G O N said…
Naalala ko andun ako nun pinagusapan niyo ng kahera na pasara na yung unimart, e bagong hire palang sha haahahaha! :D
Bet the outfitey! Shoot naman tayo minsan ng accessories ko pls, ako photog a (hahaha ganda ng cam e) and ikaw mowdel! :D
Ysh ♥ said…
The studded shorts are so pretty!
Roma is Love said…
Oh that's so sad to hear :( They aren't like renovating only...for a bigger, better Unimart? :(

I saw you during the ETC're being photographed by a girl from Asian Vogue :) Saw your pink hair...sure it was you! :)

mestizay said…
hayy i cant believe you are a momma with that bangin body!
looking great mother.:)
i love your bag, did i tell you that??:) and the shorts are cute!
@anagon: hahaha, oo nga pala, i forgot about that already. parang di ko na nga sha nakikita dun e, baka lumipat na sa sm! :P siymepre shoot tayo anytime pero kailangan may wine, kahit one glass lang pang lakas ng loob. hahaha
dear roma, you should've said hi, sayang. me and ana would have loved to meet you and have someone else to talk to we were so cray-cray already having been there the whole day for 2 days just making bantay :P
Unknown said…
cool. can't wait to try this! will definitely do thissssssss! :)

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