T. Le Clerc Autumn-Winter 2012

T. Le Clerc has been in the business since 1881. Since then, they have amassed a large cult following due to their pretty, old-world bohemian image and high quality products.

Although most popularly known for their loose rice powder, T. Le Clerc's earliest passion was with color. T. Le Clerc has been fashioning and shaping revolutionary colors since 1881. For their Autumn-Winter 2012 collection, they re-visit their first love and once again, manage to surprise.

The Fall Holiday collection is  opulent and flamboyant - rich with iridescent colours, contrast and shine inspired by stunning precious stones.

Below are products from T. Le Clerc's Fall/Winter 2012 Collection:

T. Le Clerc "Terre d'Hiver" Compact Powder (limited edition) - P1850

The "Terre d' Hiver" Compact powder creates a flawless matte complexion with a subtle healthy glow.

Lip Pencil - P595 (Rouge Emotion

A creamy lip pencil that makes a perfect base for all types of lips. 

Satin Lipstick - Limited Edition in  Rubis - P795

The limited edition satin lipstick in Rubis boasts a creamy and comfortable texture. It's flawless coverage and ruby shade make it this season's must have accessory!

T. Le Clerc Khol Pencil - P895
"Doesn't need to be sharpened"...I'm sold already plus the fact that it is an update of the traditional oriental Kohl makes me want it even more...nothing more romantic that that! Definitely one of my favorites from the collection.

T. Le Clerc Nail Varnish - P545
T. Le Clerc Eyeliner - P895

This eyeliner can be used as a high precision tool but its creamy texture also allows you to blur it onto your eyelids with your finger for a sophisticated finish. - LOVE!

The New Powdered Compact Foundation and Anti-aging Fluid Foundation with SPF20

NEW Anti-aging Fluid Foundation SPF20 - P2250 and NEW Powdered Compact Foundation - P1850

I have the powder and I love it, I really don't understand some of the bad reviews I've seen online. It works great on me (will post a review soon). It was created for normal to combination skin, very easy to apply and packaged in a to-die-for compact! It's paraben-free with soft focus pigments which reflect light to make your skin appear smooth and blemish-free.

comes in 4 shades.

The anti-aging foundation was created for mature skin. It contains Hyaluronic acid, glycerin and wheatgerm oil to moisturize and plant extracts of everlasting and Gingko Biloba to restore and reinvigorate the skin.

comes in 6 shades

T. Le Clerc Theophile Lipstick - P795

Another favorite of mine - The Theophile Lipstick!

Theophile Lipstick comes in highly pigmented, retro-chic colors. They last a looong time on your lips! It doesn't run, bleed or stain even after drinking or kissing! ;) 
I have it in Rouge and Rose and I am in love! Amazing colors, I tell ya! (review to follow)

T. Le Clerc Theophile Lipstick  Shades - Rouge, Rose, Corail Beige, Poudre, Cerise
T. Le Clerc Glistening Lips - P795
Glistening Lips - a creamy, glossy lipstick created to illuminate your smile!

T. Le Clerc's Fall Holiday 2012 Collection will be available in Rustan's Shangri-la, Alabang and Makati.


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