Tears For Fears Manila Concert August 2012 - Backstage + What I Wore

Part of what we do for a living is provide genset units for events. Most of the time the events we cater to are business conferences, government-related, network live shows or religious gatherings. But once in awhile we get lucky and book concerts. And when we do, it's all access baby! Hahaha, it would be way cooler if I proclaimed this last sentence with a photo of a smashing pumpkins all access pass but what can I do? Business is business.

Not saying that I'm not a fan of the band, it's just that I am more a fan of their songs rather than the individual musicians that comprise Tears for Fears. To make the long story short, I don't go fan girl crazy upon their sighting. I grew up with their music mostly because my mom and uncles used to be crazy over them in the 80's and I would constantly hear their songs at home.

My love for their music was more of a hand-me-down rather than a personal discovery and I was a kid when they were at their peak so I don't really have enough  memories  attached to their songs to give me a substantial wave of  nostalgia . However, after watching them live last night, I have to admit, hearing those songs from my childhood all over again sent me into a gulit-free happy trip.

The concert lasted almost 3 hours with them singing most of their hits, if not all. Among the crowd favorites were "Everybody Wants To Rule The World", "Shout", "Woman In Chains", my personal favorite, "Mad World", "Sowing The Seeds Of Love", and "Head Over Heels" which sent the crowd into pandemonium.

Here are some snaps I took backstage and from beside the stage:

I was beside Randy Santiago throughout the entire concert and he was really into it. So was Dawn Zulueta and Ronald Singson. Probably brought them back to their younger, carefree days at the discos when they were still at their prime.

And this is what I wore since it was raining again  like crazy last night. 

ps. I didn't forget to bring my creepy rabbit smile along with me. hahaha

Topshop wedge trainers, H&M black skinny jeans, perfect white shirt grey crew neck, forever 21 aviator jacket, cmg leopard bag


Chyrel Gomez said…
They're here in Cebu today. Not really a fan of the band but the music. Love the bag ha. =)
Ruth dela Cruz said…
Cool biz Sarah! Thanks for sharing the pics!
Anonymous said…