Toned Down Tropical Print Separates

Forever21 Cream Blazer, Jhajing Tropical Print Separates, CMG Platforms, Mikka Padua Clutch via Zalora, Rex Clothing Neon Bracelets, Chickflick Necklace 

Wearing another gorgeous find from my shopping trip at Jhajing (read about it HERE). This tropical print separate was a steal for about P500. The set consists of a crop top and pencil skirt which gives me endless styling options...which is a dream come true for people like me who shop on a budget! :)

I wore this outfit to the launch of the Nestle Crunch campaign I did with several other bloggers. Our photos were taken featuring the different ways to enjoy a crunch bar. We were all photographed by Nicolo Cosme which is a dream come true in itself. I will post my photo once I amass the courage to share it...some say it looks a bit sensual, hence my hesitance. :P Anyway, the launch of our campaign photos was held in Shangri-la mall in the afternoon and I didn't feel like sticking out like a sore thumb with all the neautrally clad shoppers so I decided to tone it down a bit by adding a blazer + nude sandals to the mix. Noteworthy is how comfortable these sandals from CMG are despite their height.

So, there. Currently wracking my brain for an outfit to wear this afternoon which I can switch around easily for something club worthy tonight. I'll leave you with that. Have a nice day! :)


mestizay said…
i have the same outfit! i like that you wore a white blazer to neutralize the bright colors. :)
Favorite outfit of yours to date!! ♥ Love ittt! So pretty, momma Sarah!

Arnie Villanueva
Chyrel Gomez said…
I love your blazer and curious na ako sa photos! =)