Topshop Aerobic, Neon Sweater + DIY Hi-slit Maxi

ukayista neon sweater, diy hi slit maxi, topshop aerobic wedges, kashieca gun necklace
My blog title entries have been so imaginative lately don't you think? (haha)

Anyway, second to the last outfit re-take shot during the floods last week. May I just say that is so hard to take your own photos using a tripod without a remote? I did all outfit re-takes in a single afternoon (5 outfits I think) and by this time, I was getting tired from all the dressing up, shuffling back and forth and posing...which is so contrary to what I am wearing.

When it comes to comfort dressing, this my friends is the ultimate! For me at least. It's my new cold/rainy weather uniform. Feels like pajamas. Perfect for watching a movie...a slight variation would've been perfect for the Bourne Legacy screening last Saturday if only I woke early enough to attend. I got the invite the day before but we already had some "party plans" Friday night and I really struggle the day following that with laziness + hangover rolled into one. Impossible and I didn't want to attend looking like a trying hard actress in dark glasses.

So the shoes, these Topshop Aerobic wedge trainers that I have been wearing nonstop...some of you have been asking about it since I recently posted it's "twin" on instagram (username: sarahtirona). They're about P3700 and available in Topshop Galleria, Greenbelt and Rockwell. I really wanted the black ones initially but they didn't have them in stock yet when I bought these last June. When the black ones finally arrived some time last month, I was too late, before I was able to get to Topshop, they were sold out. So I have been scouring the web for a replacement to no avail. (my god, all the good ones are constantly out of stock) So when Topshop text me last Friday that they had the black ones back in stock, I had to get them asap. Didn't want them slipping through my fingers again because they are the comfiest wedges I own. So right now, Topshop Galleria has the black aerobic wedges in stock but the beige ones are all sold out. If you're interested in getting a pair, I suggest you hurry on over there cause they go quickly.


A N A G O N said…
Natawa ako sa imaginative titles hahaha, ang hirap kaya mag title! Wow self timer parin pala to, tyaga! Yun pala ok investment noh, remote hahaha.
Y.B. Masdal said…
Great outfit here. Just right for the thorny weather, keeps one warm and safe.

I have several sweaters and enjoy wearing them that at times I wish it was raining so that I could wear one of them :-)

Girl Pearl said…
Chyrel Gomez said…
Friends come over my house with the stuff I sold. Nakakatamad mag take ng photos. Haha! Bet ko talaga ang up to there slit ng mga maxi skirts mo.

Anonymous said…
need a skirt like yours! and i love that its made of jersey material. is it? :)

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MJC said…
Cute and cool! The neon will brighten up the gloomy weather. Ü