Brown Leather Shorts - Mod Inspired

An outfit I wore to a dinner a couple weeks ago.

I've had these hi-waist brown leather shorts in my closet for as long as I can remember. Back when high-waist wasn't cool yet so it stayed in the "blackhole" portion of my closet with all my other discarded clothes until I discovered them again during a recent closet clean up.

From now on, they are staying up-front where I can see them! Only problem is, I don't know how to clean them? The same way you do a leather handbag? I'm sure I can't stick it in the washer.

So brown leather...brown leather is a great alternative for the "daintier/more feminine set" who want to stray away from the pastels and florals once in a while and experiment with leather. It's a wonder how color can make a whole world of difference! If these shorts were black, it would totally transform the whole look into something a lot edgier. So yeah, if you wanna try wearing leather but are a little apprehensive, getting it in a brown is a great alternative and not as loud. :)

outfit: sweater from Forever21, vintage leather shorts from Ebay, topshop wedges, paloma picasso handbag (hand me down from mamita)


Roma is Love said…
You and that leather shorts are a match made in heaven! :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
My ate has the exact same short only that hers is in burgundy. She lets my mom wash it. Dunno how my mom does it. English talaga, ano. Haha!