Colorblock Polo + Leatherpants + Taxi Cabs

This is what I wore to the Kurve event in Rockwell a few days ago. It was a Tuesday and in Makati so that meant having to take a cab. Also, I thought it was at 4pm but at the last minute was reminded it was at 2pm which gave me about 30 minutes to get dressed "conservatively" and get there to reach the tail-end of the event...story of my life. :))

I wouldn't have normally made an effort anymore given the circumstances but I missed Ana, Pax and Krissy terribly plus it was the last day of my reservation for a particular Zara camo jacket so I just had to go...and Kurve turned out to be something really special. So all in all it was worth it. Cab, stress and all.

That's about it, heading to Rockwell in a bit (yes coincidence or maybe inspired) to shop for some lingerie at La Senza and Kurve :P So difficult to resist their new lines.  Enjoy your Sunday! :)

outfit: top from Nava, leather pants Topshop, Zara sandals


Hzl said…
Cool pants! Where they from? :)
Weee! I love this whole "conservative" look of yours, Sarah. ♥ Pretty palagi!

Arnie Villanueva
Despina T. said…
lovely outfit.minimal chic.great shirt and shoes.looking great girl!