The Mom Budget vs. Colored Contacts

Being a mom means keeping your house intact. Creating a daily/weekly/monthly budget and making sure everyone sticks to it. Most of us don't have as much dispensable cash as others so we have to make do with what we have...I know it sucks. I have made so many sacrifices since I decided to bite the bullet and start my own family. The rewards of having a daughter is irreplaceable and blah blah blah...enough with all the sentimental talk. 

We all know how much I/you love our kids family etc. but we love ourselves too and now and then we like being rewarded for our hardwork everyday, right???

I have my flavors of the month and right now it's colored contacts! I am addicted to those little colored plastic things you stick in your eyes to make them look brighter and younger!

It all started when I acquired a gray pair several weeks ago and wore them out. Most of my friends had no idea I had them on but I kept on receiving compliments the whole day. They said I didn't look tired, I looked fresh and a little bit different but they couldn't quite put their finger on it. I knew what it was, it was my contacts. :)

Unfortunately my eyes are a bit choosy and get irritated with certain brands. Don't ask me why, I don't know. I just know how I feel and the feeling wasn't right so I went shopping for a new pair.

This time I purchased a pair of Freshlook Colorblends which turned out great but a bit on the pricey side from the optical shop I got them from.

So naturally, being the online shopping addict that I am, I went searching online for a cheaper alternative and I came across

They don't just carry freshlook but they also carry an assortment of other topnotch brands like Acuvue, Focus Dailies, Air Optix, Ciba Vision and Bausch and Lomb at wholesale prices!!!

They basically stock anything and everything contacts related which of course made me one happy camper!

And much to my dismay or delight (depending on which angle you look at it), I found another great reason to spend my monthly shopping allowance on! Hypoallergenic eye make up! Yes, because mixing eye make up and contacts petrify me being the contact lens newbie that I am. Also,my eyes tend to tear and get irritated a lot so trying out a few of these makes perfect sense to me.

That's about it, I just thought I'd share. I know a lot of you are curious about trying out colored contacts as well. Feel free to ask away any more questions you have in the comments section below. I will try to answer as best I can. :)