Here's a little something to make this dreary Tuesday morning a little brighter!

Ramon Bautista

Meet the new breed of pogi.  These days, being pogi is more than just having naturally good looks, it’s about having the right attitude that truly makes the difference. 
And leave it to internet action star Ramon Bautista to show us what being pogi is all about.  A multi-talented achiever, comedian, filmmaker, producer and U.P. film professor, he proves that it’s the character and confidence that makes the man.  After all, a handsome man is but an empty shell for a big personality! So don’t just be a pretty face, be #LikeAPogi! Just like Ramon, put your personality at the forefront and charm your way to the top with wit, humor, and dashing confidence just #LikeAPogi!

The new breed of pogi is:

Confident.  Achiever.  Responsible.  Witty.  Sensitive.  Passionate.  Committed.

 So guys, remember it's not just all about looks anymore ;)

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Chyrel Gomez said…
I seriously like Lourd De Veyra too.
Unknown said…
I love Lourd and Ramon Bautista, in that order. :p