#Myrtleforlolita Press Launch

I was fortunate enough to be one of the bloggers invited to attend the Lolita Press Launch earlier in Quezon City.

For those of you wondering what Lolita is, it's the new line of colognes brought to you by the same people behind Kojie.san.

The Lolita line comes in 6 different variants to suit your unique personalities and mood for the day and they couldn't have chosen a better endorser than Cosplayer and PBB Winner, Myrtle Sarrosa.

Here are some photos from the event:

The place was decorated with the japanese streetstyle "Lolita Vibe" in mind. Very cute.

Before the unveiling began, Myrtle was hid behind the little Lolita house on stage:

The crowd went wild as soon as Myrtle emerged from her hiding place dressed in a cute little red dress and white platforms.

 Now it was time for a quick question and answer portion with memebers of the press. When asked if she hesitated before accepting the endorsement, Myrtle replied with: "Not at all, I was already smitten and ready to accept just after hearing about the brand name." Being a fan of Lolita fashion and cosplay, Myrtle says that she feels like the Lolita line of colognes was tailor-made especially for her. 

Myrtle was such a sweetheart during the entire event, even tirelessly posing with a seemingly unending line of fans and press people wanting to take a photo with her.

I was really impressed by her poise and demeanor. I can tell that Myrtle will soon be a darling of the press if she isn't already.

Of course, I took the chance for a photo op with her too.

And without further delay, here are the 6 different scents of Lolita Cologne:

Lolita Fairy - a fruity and sugary scent
Lolita Rouge - a scent for the playful and outgoing girl

Lolita Cali - for the fun and adventurous risk-taker who is also a girly-girl; floral scented
Lolita Cospink - a romantic fragrance that will capture anyones heart

Lolita Fantasy - a fresh and airy fragrance perfect for daydreaming.
Lolita Chick - a sweet scent reminiscent of baby powder

So there you have it, the 6 new scents from Lolita! What's your favorite? I personally like the Fairy scent best. :)

So to all you Myrtle fans out there, support her first endorsement by getting yourself a bottle (or more) of Lolita cologne. I'm sure she'll appreciate it and she definitely deserves the succes being the humble and charming girl that she is.


Hazel said…
wow ang bilis haha! :) i like fantasy, refreshing smell :)
Unknown said…
Wow, that's fast! I love the Fairy scent too! Im keeping it! <3
Katarina said…
great photos!

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thefabulousgeek said…
love this post :)
Myrtle's the perfect choice for this product. sooo proud of her ^^


Issa said…
she's so cute! i think bagay nga sa kanya itong endorsement na ito :)
Anonymous said…
I love FANTASY. jz the way I like my cologne to be! Congrats Myrtle! :'D