Oooh La Love Collection by Tecson Flowers

I knew I was going to receive a bouquet from Tecson Flowers since my friend Pax asked for my address and was making arrangements with them, but I chose not to tell Dennis for fun.

I woke up a bit later this morning to help recuperate from symptoms that I felt would turn into a cold. By the time I got out of the bedroom it was almost 11am.

Dennis doesn't usually announce my typical surprise packages from sponsors. He just leaves me to discover them in our foyer but this morning was different. The moment I walked out our bedroom door, I heard a low booming voice from the kitchen announce "May gift ka." You should've seen the look on his face. It was priceless. For the first time in 7 years, I saw Dennis consumed by jealousy. He looked just like the green monster himself and I had to use all my self control to play along further and not laugh out loud. So I excitedly replied with: "oh my god, really?" and watched his face turn from affected to REALLY annoyed.

When you've been together this long, it's just nice to see once in awhile that you still have the same effect on your partner as you did when you first started dating.

So anyway, back to the flowers...He started asking me who it was from and I pretended to ignore him while snapping away at my bouquet for blog photos and instagram until finally I heard an exaperated Dennis say, "Check mo muna kung kanino galing before you start taking photos". And then I finally laughed, gave in and said "Tecson Flowers".  You could almost hear his sigh of relief from a building away. LOL! (pardon the bored housewife kwento)

 After his jealousy was washed away by finding out it was a company and not a person who gave me the gift, he started to inspect the bouquet and we were both VERY impressed.

I never realized that these sort of bouquets existed. It was the first time I ever received anything like it.

First, there was no evidence of any plastic, foil or paper wrapping. In its place instead was a beautiful red patent leatherette wrap lined with nautical cloth and finished off with a giant, beweled bow. And inside was one of the cutest and fatttest teddy bears I've ever seen. Nikola immediately fell in love with it and asked for it after which she hesitantly asked who it was from. (She's just like her dad, I swear). When I told her the same answer, that it was from a company, she flashed the same smile of relief as I saw moments ago on her father's face. 

Second, the flower arrangement was so tastefully and sophisticatedly done with small berries replacing the "gasgas" na baby's breath that is so 80's I'm telling you! I remember receiving rose bouquets in high school and each and evey time it had loads of baby's breath. Nothing against baby's breath but I'm sure that there are a hundred million other replacements out there.

So anyway, if you're looking to impress a special someone, which you most probably are when sending flowers, make sure you order your bouquet from Tecson Flowers. Theirs are truly memorable and unique bouquets that will stay in your loved ones heart forever. 

...Dennis promised to order one for me from him next time. :P

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Bianca Sing said…
Both your and Nikola are too cute!!! Shows how much they love you, Mommy <3
And yes such a cute flower (with cutie big fluffy teddy bear <3 )
Miss you!

hahahah! winner si papa dennis! truelaloo if you've been together for awhile that its nice to see the "first date" effect ;) I can't wait for gersh's reaction heeeee! evil grin >=) love yours, momma sar! too cute!
Hazel said…
HAHAHA OMGOSHH!!! *evil laugh* aww but that's so sweet to know your hubby is still getting jealous :) Keeps the romance alive! <3

And yes, also my first time to see a flower arrangement like this! Good job to Tecson Flowers!!
Chyrel Gomez said…
Babe, ang cute naman. Kinilig ako! SOOOOBRAAA!

KILIG!!! Hahaha kaaliw si Papa Dennis!! The best yung reaction niya. ♥ Haha those flowers are reaaally lovely!

Arnie Villanueva
A N A G O N said…
kulet ng reaksyon ni papa d, at isama pa si nikola hahaha :D ikaw talaga!!!